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T-Mobile’s Andrew Sherrard. (Erynn Rose photo)

T-Mobile USA this week made a series of attention-getting moves — finally landing the iPhone, and rolling out a major change to the way its customers will pay for their smartphones.

The company is breaking from the tradition of wrapping — some might say hiding — the cost of a phone inside a wireless contract. Instead, T-Mobile customers will pay for their phones in interest-free installments. Once the phone is paid off, they’ll be done paying for the device.

Our guest in the studio is Andrew Sherrard, the senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile USA, who answers our questions about the new strategy. Will it ultimately be cheaper? What does it mean that T-Mobile customers will no longer have contracts? What happens if customers want to change to another carrier or get a new phone? What does this mean for existing T-Mobile customers, and could the changes by T-Mobile force the larger players in the industry — Verizon, AT&T and Sprint — to change how they do business?

Also see this T-Mobile FAQ and this demonstration of the new HD Voice capabilities.

That discussion begins in the second segment of the show, at the 8 minute mark.

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The show starts with our weekly news roundup. Topics this week include Wal-Mart’s idea to have customers deliver packages to other customers and compete with Amazon’s network of delivery lockers; Amazon’s pending acquisition of Goodreads, adding new social networking capabilities to its e-reading business; and our first look at Safeco Field’s gigantic new high-definition video scoreboard.

Name that Tech Tune: Which phone used this version of the T-Mobile ringtone?

App of the Week: Evernote 3.0 for Windows Phone 8.

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  • Mike_Acker

    the most obnoxius thing about t-mo’s plans is: they advertise a monthly price and then demand payments at 30 days . Every time a month has 31 days — 7 times a year — your must pay day moves up on you 1 day . it’s disingenuous and a pita for your monthly budget

  • John

    TMO is a JOKE. The service is no better then Boost mobile and they are still unable to penetrate walls, as was tested with their current LTE signal in Seattle. $5O for the rate plan and a $20 EIP for 24 months. I would gladly pay $10 more a month for Verizon with a network that works and is available when I need it, not having to rely on WIFI for my signal. RIP TMO!

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