consolewarsOut with the old, and in with the new.

We kicked off the Geek Madness: Console Wars competition (our quest to find the greatest game console of all time) a few days ago with the first four matchups in the “Old-School region.”

Today, we fast forward a few decades with the initial matchups on the “Modern Gen” side. Youngsters, it’s your time to sound off on your favorite gaming devices.


First, though, let’s quickly recap Friday’s matchups that featured some of the first consoles ever created:

Atari 7800 — 76%; Magnavox Odyssey — 24%

In the biggest win of the weekend, the Atari 7800 and its compatibility for Atari 2600 games helped give the console an easy victory over the Magnavox Odyssey. Up next is a tough Sweet 16 match with Nintendo’s Super NES.

Nintendo GameBoy — 59%; Sega Genesis — 41%

This was perhaps the most exciting and competitive game, with two influential consoles. But it was Nintendo’s iconic handheld device, the GameBoy, edging out the Sega Genesis to advance to the Sweet 16 and face the iconic ColecoVision.

Intellivision — 52%; Neo Geo — 48%

In another tight matchup, the 16-bit Intelllivision console beat out the Neo Geo and will face the NES next round.

Atari 5200 — 59%; 3DO — 41%

The Atari 5200 and its analog joystick didn’t seem to have trouble taking down the 3DO. The win sets up a rather interesting Sweet 16 matchup with console’s predecessor, the Atari 2600.

And now for today’s battles. We have some really exciting matchups in store, and you can contribute by voting below. Check back Wednesday for results.

A big thanks to Geek Madness: Console Wars sponsor Nytec for helping to make this feature possible.

Playstation Portable vs. GameCube

The PSP was Sony’s first foray into on-the-go gaming. Coined the “Walkman of the 21st century,” the PSP went on to sell more than 80 million devices worldwide.

Meanwhile, the GameCube was Nintendo’s first try at a console without cartridge-based games. Though it was a nice option for the youth and families, the GameCube could not keep up with the Xbox or PS2 in terms of units sold.

Sega Dreamcast vs. Xbox

While it didn’t produce the greatest sales stats and stopped production after three years, Sega’s last console was one to remember. The Dreamcast was the first console to include a built-in modem for online play and had several innovative games.

The Xbox, a competitor to the Dreamcast, was Microsoft’s first console and certainly lasted longer than Sega’s device. It brought Xbox Live and Halo to gamers — two influential gaming icons still relevant today.

Nintendo Wii vs. Playstation 3

Competing with the Xbox 360 and PS3, Nintendo’s Wii shook up the game industry with its motion-sensing Wii Remote. Games like Wii Sports attracted casual gamers to the system, which still continues to rack up sales.

The PS3, meanwhile, featured a Blu-Ray player and an array of excellent games. It succeeded the PS2 and has sold more than 80 million units worldwide.

Nintendo DS vs. Sega Saturn

The Nintendo DS — short for “Dual Screen” — was released in 2004 and with its two screens, introduced a new way to play handheld games.  As a successor to the Game Boy line, the DS enjoyed great reception and worldwide sales are nearly up to 154 million.

The Saturn, debuting in 1994, featured several memorable games, though it couldn’t keep up with competitors like the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64.


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