Isabel Hughes and her father, Aidan, teamed up to develop calculator apps.
Fraction Calculator Plus is Amazon’s App of the Day today.

It started with some frustation over math homework at the dining room table, but now, the ideas of 12-year-old Isabel Hughes are front-and-center on Amazon’s App Store.

Earlier this year, we wrote about the cool story of how Isabel and her father, Aidan, teamed up to develop best-selling calculator apps sold across several platforms.

Today marks a milestone for the father-daughter superteam: The Amazon Appstore has chosen Fraction Calculator Plus to be its Free App of the Day today in both Europe and the U.S. The app is also now the top-rated app on the entire Kindle Fire platform.

Isabel was fully involved in the app development process and is somewhat of a tech whiz, even though she really loves singing and volleyball. She once visited Bing as a 10-year-old and suggested an improvement to their image search, which was then implemented worldwide.

Calculator Plus is available on AndroidiOS and Windows, while Fraction is on Android and iOS as well. The apps are built under Digitalchemy, Aidan Hughes’ two-year-old startup. You can read more about Isabel and Aidan here.

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  • elbowman

    I wish Isabel and Aidan would develop a time calculator. We work setting up work shifts and must calculate time; hour, minute, seconds, all the time (so to speak). A time calculator that works as well as this fraction calculator would be fantastic!

  • Bill Harding

    Female, young, entrepreneurial and in a cool space. It’s like the real life version of Sarah Hanson!

  • Svetla

    Good job!

  • name

    Your comment

  • Cady Haren

    What a great story. Its amazing to see the ability of such people. 12 years, my god..take a bow girl :)

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