A drawing of John McAfee for his new graphic novel.

Portland is the new home to a software legend who was running from authorities in Belize and now will have a movie produced about his ridiculous story.

John McAfee, founder of antivirus giant McAfee, will settle in the northwest for the next 18 months after being sought out for murder in Belize and deported from Guatemala.

Yes, McAfee’s life has taken some wild turns after inventing and making a fortune off his antivirus software 20 years ago. In an interview with The Oregonian, McAfee discussed his past, present and future while adding that money “is the worst curse in the world” and “removes your freedom.”

“…the more you have, the more you are owned until finally you have no freedom of movement whatsoever and you end up like Bill Gates,” McAfee told The Oregonian.

“His life is managed moment to moment by his money,” he continued. “It’s a horrible situation. Now, it’s a hard thing to give up, even though you know it’s like drugs, you know? You’re addicted to heroin, you know that it’s killing you but you can’t stop. Same thing with money. Only far worse. Far worse. So, I think it’s a curse. I think everyone who’s been there will agree.”

McAfee also has interesting thoughts about women. He lived with as many as eight in Belize.

“Living with one woman is horrific,” he said. “Living with two is nightmarish, but you get past five and suddenly they’re entertaining themselves, really.”

He’s been making his media rounds recently to gain more exposure, doing interviews for several Portland outlets as well as Vice Magazine, Dateline NBC and London’s The Sunday Times.

McAfee isn’t in this neck of the woods for the coffee or the budding tech scene. He’s is teaming up with a Portland animation director and illustrator Chad Essley to produce a graphic novel about his life in Belize, which included murder accusations of McAfee’s neighbor, near-death experiences, lots of women and an escape from Belize. It’s a truly crazy story.

Warner Bros. also recently bought the rights to a Wired magazine story about McAfee’s tale. He’ll spend his time in Portland working on the novel, the movie and another book. You can read all about the wild adventures of the former software guru at his website whoismcafee.com.

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  • charles lynn

    I hope he finds a better illustrator for the graphic novel.

  • guest

    Yeah, having that much money sounds like a real burden. If any other rich psychos are suffering from this problem, I’d be happy to take some off your hands.

  • Stop

    The man murdered his neighbor. It sickens me to see the media give him the attention he’s received.

  • Guest

    Welcome to the Northwest, John! You’ll find us to be very accommodating to scraggly-looking alleged murderers.

  • pdx bob

    Portland and John are well suited for one another. Cut away the layers (upon layers) of BS and it comes down to town with plenty of people who will buy a semi-famous dude a decent micro-brew at every bar he pulls up to, coupled with strip clubs every few blocks. John should be a happy guy. He’s the new Rock Star in town, everyone will fawn over him (there’s not much else to do in Portland).

    • guest

      Free beer and naked women? What guy wouldn’t be happy with that? ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremybwilson Jeremy B Wilson

    No, bath salts make you end up like John McAfee…

    • No Kidding

      Bath salts + money = John McAfee. He said “I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.” And it he also called bath salts a “super perv powder”. One handle he goes by is “stuffmonger”. Somewhat disappointed in GW for publicizing him. Lest we forget there’s been recent murders by people under the influence of bath salts. Like this one http://www.komonews.com/news/local/123779009.html “His 5-year-old son Jordan was found dead in the couple’s Spanaway home with a bag over his head and bruises on his body.”

      McAfee is a huge proponent of bath salts.

  • Chris

    He is guilty of murder, guess he may as well enjoy his freedom while it lasts. Belize police are building up a case to have him extradited. US will more than likely follow through with their extradition request with sufficient evidence.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnKelcher John Kelcher

    Why doesn’t McAffie face up to his accusers: if he’s so cursed with excess money, then he can afford the best lawyers money can buy. right?

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