Six Washington companies made it to Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list this year, with Microsoft (75), Nordstrom (88) and Starbucks (95) all making the list.

REI was the top-ranked Washington-based company, coming in at No. 17. Law firm Perkins Coie was next at No. 33, while The Everett Clinic ranked 58th.

Google ranked as the best company to work for, one of ten tech companies making the list. Fortune’s list, made up of “the top workplaces in corporate America,” was much different than Glassdoor’s version that came out in December. Facebook was the top-ranked company there and it didn’t even qualify in Fortune’s rankings.

Here are the Washington-based companies that made Fortune’s list, along with “what makes them great,” according to Fortune:

17. REI

“The outdoor-gear retailer lets employees use kayaks, skis, and other equipment for free (and they can buy it new at a steep discount). Paid sabbaticals, unusual in retail, come after 15 years with the company. Training for new hires includes an outdoor service project.”

33. Perkins Coie

“To mark its 100th birthday, the Seattle-based law firm doled out $10,000 to committees in each of its 16 local offices and let them decide where to donate the money. The firm offers a two-month paid sabbatical after 10 years of service..”

58. The Everett Clinic

“The clinic pays referral bonuses of $10,000 for new physicians, covers 100% of health care, and rewards employees with profit-sharing of up to 5% of pay.”

75. Microsoft

“The company’s campus outside Seattle has a new health center with primary care, a pharmacy, a chiropractic clinic, lab tests, and wellness coaching.”

88. Nordstrom

“In lieu of a rule book, new employees at the luxury department store receive a note card that simply says, “Our one rule: Use good judgment in all situations.”

94. Starbucks

“Partners at the coffee seller told us, “I love that we can receive benefits and stock rewards at 20 hours/week” and “There is potential for anyone to move up the ladder.”

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  • Guest

    Congrats to Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Starbucks for their big wins!

  • TheMaskedProofreader

    Might wanna double-check the copy-and-paste under Perkins Coie…

    • Taylor Soper

      Thanks Mr. Masked. Just fixed it. Thanks for reading.

  • guest

    Hard to take a report seriously that lists MS but omits Apple.

    • Guest

      Apple is widely known as a mediocre company for which to work. Profitable? Yes. Healthy stock? Yup. Hours? Perquisites? Benefits? Laugh.

      Even under Steve Jobs, when the company was still considered relevant, engineers were treated harshly and denied stock options. Read the Jobs bio and be glad you don’t work there.

  • ggadrn

    I’m a little surprised at Microsoft making the list, mainly because of the stories I’ve heard from friends who work there over the past few years in a few different areas. Are things changing inside the company for the better?

  • Forrest Corbett

    “Google was the best company to rank for, one of ten tech companies in the list.”

    Am I the only one who is having a hard time understanding what that means?

    • Taylor Soper

      Hi Forrest,

      Meant to say Google ranked as the best company to work for. I’ve changed it in the article. Thanks for noticing.

  • Lebron23

    I don’t see why this blog is getting so much attention. I think that other cities like Detroit, Chicago, and even California have more companies always on this same list.

  • Lebron23

    O so I don’g get to have my comment posted. Seattle is whack, Taylor Soper is whack, and Seattle will never have a basketball team.

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