There are certain things you probably shouldn’t post on social media. Some examples: angry insults directed at your boss, drunk pictures of yourself from last night, your social security number.

But Jacob Cox-Brown may have shared something much worse than any of that. So bad, in fact, that the 18-year-old Oregon teenager spent his New Year’s in prison because of it.

You see, Cox-Brown did a little drinking to ring in the new year. Then he decided to drive. Apparently, he sideswiped two cars and figured it’d be best to continue driving.

To end the night on a good note, he got on Facebook and posted about his shenanigans for the world to see.

Courtesy of

Cue the head scratching.

A few of Cox-Brown’s “friends” saw the post and notified two Astoria police officers, who were granted the missing piece of the puzzle. The officers had already responded to a hit-and-run crash early Wednesday morning and when they arrived at Cox-Brown’s house, they found his vehicle matched the damage done at the early-morning crash.

They promptly arrested the teenager and brought him to jail. He was charged with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver, but not for drunken driving because there wasn’t enough evidence with just the Facebook post to prove he was intoxicated during the hit-and-run.

Maybe he should have also been charged for failing to perform his duties as a rational social media user.

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  • Mike_Acker

    “there are things you shouldn’t post on facebook”: DATA

  • Guest

    Thank you to the Oregon Police for taking this maniac off our streets. Facebook is an invaluable tool for law enforcement.

  • Your Future

    Future Democrat politician…

    • ChrisDawg

      Or a Republican Senator from Idaho.

  • ryan

    Wow…thats is impressive and disturbing in so many ways.

  • Jedrick Parejo

    It’s a good thing the mystery was solved, but wow some friends…

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