EveryMove, a Seattle-based startup that lets users track their healthy habits and rewards them with gift cards and reduced health-care premiums, has partnered with the popular sports tracking app Endomondo. As a result of the deal, EveryMove users can earn points from workouts tracked on Endomondo.

In a blog post, the company wrote that it saw high demand from its customers for the Endomondo integration.

everymove“We know that many of you are already using Endomondo, and we want to make it simple and seamless for you to earn EveryMove points for the workouts you track with the Endomondo app,” writes EveryMove in the post.

The new integration lets users sync their Endomondo accounts to EveryMove to earn points toward rewards.

EveryMove is a TechStars Seattle grad led by entrepreneurs Marcelo Calbucci and Russell Benaroya. We had Benaroya tell us all about his company on our podcast back in December. You can read the transcript of the interview or listen to the recording here.

Last May, EveryMove announced $2.6 million in financing from Premera Blue Cross, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners and host of Seattle angel investors.

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    EveryMove will still fail.

    • Thomas R.

      Curious comment. We’re all free to express our opinions. However, it would be more beneficial and convincing on your part to explain your reasoning. For instance, I could say FAIL COMPANY is a cross dressing child molester who eats kittens and that would have as much validity and value as your statement above.

      As with most startups, I would recommend taking a wait and see approach. Nobody knows their #’s except for their employees and investors so most statements by outsiders I theorize are based upon opinion rather than fact, unless one of course has privy to those internal numbers.

      Good day sir.

      • EPIC

        LOVE the over the top kittens personal comment. Would expect no less from an employee or supporter of EveryMove. Stay classy.

        Who cares if they will “pay their investors” or not. Company has done nothing in past year. App was released and fizzled out immediately. Lots of apps in same category outperforming them without much effort. Health industry has showed little interest in what they are doing. I could go on and on and on, but I don’t want to be as boring as EveryMove.

        • FactChecker

          What do you mean nothing? Isn’t the news you’re commenting on something?

          • guest1

            I’ll join in on this convo.

            Sounds like a move of desperation from EveryMove to me.

            I’ve used both of these apps. EveryMove is really a third rate app and attempt at entering this space. Personally I see them simply dissolving before the end of the year.


        LOL. Your douche reply sums up EveryMove’s chances of success.

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