Adam Doppelt
The real Adam Doppelt

Adam Doppelt is one of Seattle’s more accomplished entrepreneurs, having previously co-founded Urbanspoon before moving on to his latest startup, the online vacation rental service Dwellable.

Doppelt has bootstrapped Dwellable with help from a small team, so you can imagine his surprise this week when a recruiter friend passed on a résumé from an individual who claimed to have created — yep, you guessed it Dwellable.

Our reaction: WTF?

Doppelt was shocked when he saw the résumé, calling it a “complete and utter fabrication.”

“I’ve never met this person or heard of them in any way prior to yesterday,” says Doppelt, who credited the recruiter for actually following up on the “candidate.”

“The candidate claims to have written several other iPhone apps too. Prolific,” Doppelt says sarcastically. “The best part was how he also fabricated Dwellable QA and graphic design teams. If only.”

dwell-fbBut the story doesn’t end there. Instead of just letting this lie float around the Internet, Doppelt posted the altered resume to his Facebook page and asked his followers for suggestions on how to “prank” the unfortunate fella. Doppelt writes:

This guy claims to have written the Dwellable iOS app, and his resume goes into nauseating detail on the app and technology involved. That’s strange, because I clearly remember spending three feverish months building it myself.

Some hilarious suggestions are coming in for ways to prank the candidate, including Haiku Deck CEO Adam Tratt who suggests that Doppelt should interview the candidate “for a CTO role at a company that doesn’t exist.”

Natasha Black notes that the lie is “beyond the pale” and points out the irony of the candidate’s falsification: “You know what is awesome? That you did it in three feverish months, and he claimed to need ten fake months.”


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  • Viet Nguyen

    Hilarious! Reminds me of all the hours I spent creating Geekwire. Remember those good ol’ days? Certainly a strange story. . .

  • Sir Michael Rocks

    Are you sure he was never a CSG at Dwellable? Seriously that is standard practice. If you were involved in any aspect on a team take full credit on your resume. If you can sketch an architecture diagram on the whiteboard and explain it you can bluff your way through it. The applicant should have written an app to customize his resume for who it’s being submitted to though.

  • Hakon Verespej

    Interesting what you find when you Google “quality results while meeting very tight deadlines with heavy”. And from there, G+ and FB.

    Not clear without the PII whether the resume is fake or a real person who’s lying about accomplishments.

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