I am a little disappointed the GeekWire team did not set up a live televised special for my smartphone announcement like LeBron James did when announcing to play for the Miami Heat during his famous “The Decision.”

Anywho, I’ll give my best LeBron impression, sans all the awkwardness:

I’ve decided to take my phone-calling and text-messaging talents to … the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sorry to the 88 percent of those who recommended I choose a Windows Phone. I loved my old HTC G2 and just couldn’t get away from Android.

I’m very happy with my decision. Frankly, I probably would have been content with any three of the smartphones I was deciding between — iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Windows Phone. But there sure is a lot to like about my purchase.

I love all the little neat tricks with this thing. When you’re texting someone, if you hold the screen to your face it will automatically call the person. You can also take screenshots with the swipe of your palm and you can immediately access apps from your lock screen by swiping upward off the icon. I’m also a big Gmail user, so the integration there is excellent.

I’ve installed all the apps I used on my G2 and added a couple more. I think I would have been a little disappointed with the Windows app offerings, much like my colleague Todd Bishop.

Another nice benefit of this purchase is that we can have smartphone showdowns in the GeekWire offices. With my colleagues John Cook recently upgrading to the iPhone 5 and Todd switching from Apple to the Windows Phone, it’ll be nice to have three different OS’s running between us.

Only seven percent thought I should go with the Galaxy, but I went with it anyways.

I’ve also tested out the “S Voice,” function and it’s been smooth and smart for the most part. Though I wish the robot had a name like Siri for the iPhone’s. The Samsung robot really lacks a personal connection (kidding).

One of my only complaints so far is that I miss my HTC G2 physical keyboard. I did download SwiftKey and once I use it more, I can see it being faster than the physical keyboard.

I do wonder when and if this thing will slow down. It’s obviously lightning quick right now, but both of my last two Android phones — the HTC G1 and HTC G2 — really became laggy the more I used it. I feel like my iPhone friends don’t encounter that as often.

There is one huge downside, however, of not going with a Windows Phone. On my poll post, commentor “basbasics,” told me about his Lumia 920.

“Girls walk up to me all the time asking if they can play with it,” he wrote about his Windows Phone. “They all say it is very cool if not a little heavy and big.”

Ladies, don’t worry: my phone is still really awesome. I swear.

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  • Guest

    88.25% voted for Windows Phone??! If that doesn’t scream astroturfing, I don’t know what does. Congrats on getting the phone you like in the end.

    • SilverSee

      No ‘astroturfing’, but the article was linked on a Windows Phone blog site and the readership asked to lobby for their favorite platform… (and people really do seem to like it).

      • Guest

        You want to tell us that 88.25% vs 4.83% vs 6.93% is anywhere near representative? Dream on.

    • n8

      I just added 10 votes in a matter of about a minute to the iPhone 5. So either @SilverSee:disqus is correct or some msft fanboy had a couple hours free. I think wp is pretty cool but don’t know anyone that doesn’t work at msft who owns one let along evangelizes them.

      • mlekas

        my wife and I both own one and neither works at Microsoft. I know there aren’t many of us, but assuming about 10M phones sold so far and only 90k MS employees, I think there are at least a few of us out there.

    • guest

      This blog has a Seattle based readership. Nothing wrong with rooting for the hometown team.

  • http://twitter.com/cmross Christopher Ross

    Good post Taylor! Curious if there were any apps or features that were a “must have” in stack-ranking the phones you were considering?

    • Taylor Soper

      Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for the comment. Didn’t have any must-haves, but I do like Instagram, the Google apps and Pandora (it’s coming out later this year for Windows).

      • http://twitter.com/cmross Christopher Ross

        And as a Gmail user, that would seem a significant pull. I think that’s going to be a factor for most people: if you’re part of a certain ecosystem, you know you’ll likely get the best experience on the devices they provide.

  • Dan

    If you miss the keyboard from the T-Mobile G2, you should consider rooting your phone (all the cool kids are doing it). That would replace Samsung’s version of Android with a stock ROM (what your old G2 had). After rooting the device, you likely will notice a slight performance boost as well. Of course, rooting your phone voids all warranties and makes you a super geek. So proceed with caution.

    • Guest

      Or don’t do this if you’re somewhat serious about “Another nice benefit of this purchase is that we can have smartphone showdowns in the GeekWire offices.”

  • pez63

    S3: plug in a 64 gig SD chip
    replaceable battery
    biggest screen
    loads of apps

  • http://www.facebook.com/jolene.jang Jolene Jang

    I think one of the best features of are the motion gestures settings. Being able to take a screen shot with a swipe of a hand is a popular party trick – don’t take my idea. The Jelly Bean Update has a multitude of functionality, but one of the features is to the voice actuation. When I have my camera open, I can say “cheese” and it takes the photo. The panorama function comes in handy when I am talking about meetings and events. You can capture the entire scene.

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