A few of the products that Google has killed off in recent years. Click on image for full graphic.

Google’s decision this past week to shut down Google Reader miffed a lot of fans of the news reader service, including GeekWire’s Todd Bishop who wrote that it marked the third time that the company had killed off a product that he used.

Now, Slate has put together an awesome interactive graphic showcasing —in the form of tombstones — some of the products that Google has shuttered over the years. You can even click on the tombstone to leave a flower. So far, more than 25,000 flowers have been left for Google Reader, while more than 14,000 have been left for iGoogle.

Even a Seattle service makes an appearance in the graveyard. Last year, Google pulled the plug on Picnik, the popular photo editing service that it purchased in 2010. PIcnik has more than 2,500 virtual flowers on its tombstone. (Editor’s note: Former Picnik CEO Jonathan Sposato is GeekWire’s Chairman).

The Slate authors write:

“Buried in these hallowed grounds are some of Google’s ill-fated services. Some, like Google Reader, lived long, prosperous lives, full of admiration and glory. Most, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, struggled to carve out a place in this harsh, unforgiving world where technologies continuously clash and innovation reigns king. But whether these services transformed our productivity or only polluted our inboxes, they all touched our world in some way.

Full graphic here.

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  • Joshua Maher

    Would be great to build the project failure list… How many projects have each of the big firms built and killed? (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon) – Which large firm is better at killing products that aren’t working for them? What company is better at spinning out mildly successful projects vs. killing them entirely?

  • Kevin Lisota

    The deathwatch for feedburner has begun. This is going to be a really painful one for prominent blogs (present blog included!)

  • MikeJoshz

    I use to keep me informed. It brings me the latest news, but there are no special features.. It just shows the latest news from a bunch of news sources categorized pretty well.

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