Deal site Tippr bought by nCrowd


Updated at 7:40 a.m. with comments from Tippr CEO Martin Tobias.

Tippr, the heavily-funded Seattle daily deals platform, has been acquired in a deal of undisclosed size by Atlanta’s nCrowd.

Kara Swisher at All Things D reports that the acquisition comes amid a “tough environment” for daily deal sites, including larger rivals such as Groupon and Living Social.

Originally started under the name Kashless, Tippr went on to raise more than $10 million from RRE Ventures and others.

Via email, Tippr CEO Martin Tobias cited the adoption of Tippr’s platform by more than 200 brands, including Microsoft, NBC, Fox, Univision, and Belo, in addition to supporting its own brands, and Groupalicious.

“After three years of intense activity and competition very few deal brands have turned a profit and we determined the market for the software platform to an unprofitable industry was too small for our efforts,” he says. “After an extensive process, we met the team at nCrowd and were very impressed with their growth, team, and profitable approach to the market.”

He adds, “The combination of Tippr with the nCrowd platform makes nCrowd clearly the third largest offer provider and likely the only profitable and growing one.  The Tippr team remains in Seattle as a key strategic office of nCrowd to add to their Knoxville and Tampa offices.  The outcome is very positive for the Tippr team and the shareholders and stakeholders continue to have confidence in nCrowd as a leader in the offer market.”

Tobias is a former Microsoft exec and former CEO of Imperium Renewables and Loudeye. He’s currently on a road trip on his Harley Davidson and notes that “freeing up my time to ride my motorcycle is the best aspect of the deal for me personally.”

nCrowd also operates sites such as and, and founder Brian Conley tells All Things D that the acquisition will allow it to ”feature quality local offers from New York to Honolulu and most major points between.”

Tippr laid off about 25 staffers last year as part of a larger restructuring. After the cutbacks, it employed about 45 people.

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  • Happy Martin is out

    Martin Tobias was a terrible CEO…customers of nCrowd ate stoked.

  • Sohail

    The original Owners committed fraud. I am one of the vendors that sold the products on their site. They did not pay me. I am owed thousands of dollars. I will be taking them to court. Their phones don’t work. They knew they were selling to nCrowd, yet ran deals and did not pay!!

    • Discount Custom Canvas

      Sohail, I too am a vendor that got Fucked out of $10,000. The son of a bitch, Travis, who answers the one phone at nCrowd hung up on me when i asked to be transferred to accounts payable. Call me at 805-579-8667. We need to find other vendors and assemble a legal team.

      • B Trumble

        I am in the same position, they owe me over $6,000. nCrowd apparently is not responsible because they only purchased the company assets. I will be more then glad to look into working with other merchants in regards to arranging a class law suit. This is fraud. My checks bounced back on me!

    • Nifty

      They owe me more than $10,000. Piss weak if you ask me

      • Andrei Bilderburger

        They’re also stiffing customers with discount hotel vouchers so it isn’t only the vendor side that gets screwed. They sold these deals to people all over but most notably, TiPPR is in King County (Seattle) WA, they sold to King County residents, and one of the hotels is in Vancouver WA. No way out of jurisdiction in King County Superior Court which would make a much faster trial and better legal situation for the plaintiffs than federal court.

        Find a good lawyer, get a suit filed and get a prejudgement attachment of all assets of Tippr and all officers and directors or you’ll find nothing left to pay you with.

        nCrowd’s legal position is absurd, they bought the company, they get the assets and the liabilities unless they prove in court the arrangement was otherwise – and lawfully so.

  • RS

    My company was a vendor and is also owed thousands of dollars, which remain unpaid. We have exhausted all resources in efforts of getting disbursement. This company knew they were going to “sell” and never informed any vendors that monies would not be disbursed when the company sold. With that being said, selling a company does not leave unpaid obligations, did not file bankruptcy or go into receivership, so nondisbursement is not justified. NCrowd, will suffer due to the dishonesty allowed by I also believe ncrowd could have contracted to pay their vendors accordingly, which was not done. We simply received a bullshit letter indicating:

    Ncrowd did not obtain receivables from Tippr and all of Tippr’s assets were claimed by Square bank.

    As a vendor, this is how we make a living, so not being paid over 10,000 in monies owed when consumers received products is unethical


    • Andrei Bilderburger

      The following is not intended as legal advice:

      I woud suggest 3 vendors get together and put nCrowd into bankruptcy. They’ll pay you in minutes to get that dismissed – it is really quite likely a bankruptcy court would set aside any April 2013 deal wherein liabilities stay with TIPPR but vendors are expected to perform. The judge would most likely decide nCrowd is TIPPR’s successor and has to pay its debts.

      Last time I saw this done it took 3 vendors owed more than $5,000 between them for more than a month. Very easy to do in this situation.

  • scammed

    Ncrowd -not shipping products bought on Tipper and blaming Tipper for non- payment to merchants. Way to go ncrowd -pass the buck, the best part is the will give you a $5.00 credit and ask you to re-purchase the item!!! what a scam. You have to contact your credit card company to get your refund, Poor customer service! I’m off this site.

  • Scammed by Tippr

    i am also a vendor that sold products on tippr, and just like everyone else here, i got SCAMMED. they actually did send me the first payment, but that check bounced. i have been trying to contact them since, but it’s impossible to get a reply or to even get someone on the phone.

  • biggest scam

    ncrowd and tippr both company can suck the people blood for money. owe us 30000$. I think all the vendor should get together and do a low suit agent them. Any way we not give up and getting ready to go to court. We will not give up

  • northanes

    So, what is their phone number. I also need to call them and try to collect.

  • ripp

    ncrowd is fraud as well.. order never ship, they do not get back to you. avoid at all cost. besides check their prices.. they are actually higher than other retail sites.

  • O C

    Does anyone know if nCrowd also bought the Mercata patents from Tippr? Or does Tobias still own them? It’s not mentioned in any of the articles.