Apple employees in the Bellevue story scramble to protect computers after the store flooded. Photo: Irina Menn

Mother nature took its toll Tuesday night as a fierce storm rolled through the Seattle area, dropping buckets of rain across the region. (Heck, it even wiped out my son’s first T-ball practice). One of the other casualties: The Apple store at Bellevue Square.

The storm caused significant flooding in the store, according to GeekWire reader Irina Menn who was in the mall at the time. (Oh, those poor little iPhones and iPads).

apple-storephotoIt’s unclear how much damage (if any) was caused at the mall, and when Apple would be opening its doors again. According to our news partner KING 5, about 10 stores in the mall saw water.

Menn, who was inside the mall at the time of the downpour, described the flooding as “pretty exciting” as water

“The interesting point for me was the efficiency with which Apple employees handled disarming all the products to avoid damage, securing the store and handling customers – pretty cool,” said Menn, the founder and CEO of charitable giving platform Hopela.

We’ve written in the past about the retail rivalry between Apple and Microsoft at Bellevue Square, a mall frequented by thousands of Microsoft employees.

So, what do you think? Did some Microsoft employee hack the sprinkler system in the Apple store? Or, was it just the rain?

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  • Lprd2007

    Hahahahaha #karmaisabitch

  • Chris k

    Isn’t the apple store at Bellevue square on the second floor? Old one was first floor? Or was this the u village store?

  • Gardenbaglady

    I feel sorry for Microsoft users that can only be joyous if others have unfortunate things happen to them. grow up

    • br

      I feel sorry for people who don’t understand the concept of a joke

  • panacheart

    It was more likely the Linux users group.

  • Guest

    That’s not rain. It’s the collective tears of AAPL shareholders lately. ;-)

  • Guest

    Not a flood, you’re just standing in it wrong.

  • Just a shopper

    @John Cook, the writer
    Instead of writing something like this “Did some Microsoft employee hack the sprinkler system in the Apple store? Or, was it just the rain?”, you should rather figure out the cause of the flood as a reporter with ethic.

    PS. I’m the Apple user and didn’t have any relation with Microsoft people, just a homemaker who happened to be at the mall today. Other stores were affected by the flood as well like Tiffany.

    • guest

      Lighten up. He threw in the MS thing for levity. What more do you want him to do on the story, jump up on the roof or inspect the drains to pinpoint why it flooded?

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