Comcast’s Xfinity X1 television platform experienced a widespread outage overnight, showing blank screens for many users across the country, according to reports on Twitter and the Comcast customer forums.

The outage appeared to be worst close to midnight last night, based on reports made to Engadget reported on the news shortly after 3 a.m. This morning Comcast advised anyone still having problems to power cycle their box by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds, then plugging back in.

We’ve asked the company for more details on the problem and the restoration of service. I’ve been using the Xfinity X1 for the past two months but I didn’t try to watch any television last night. Everything seems to be working fine for me this morning. If you experienced problems (or are still having them) feel free to share the details in the comments.

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  • AlsoJohn

    OBAMA! First he shuts down the government. Now he shuts down your cable!

  • Rick

    Under Obamacare my premiums dropped $81 a month and in Sept I received a $102 rebate. Thank you Democrats. You have my vote next time.

    • Seattle John

      I understand that the young and healthy are supposed to subsidize, in effect, thE older and those with pre-existing conditions. This suggests that there will be winners and losers. Can you provide some demographic details to help understand you experience?

      • Rick

        I am 54 years old. A white male with a history of gastric problems and I have asthma.

  • Tom

    In Newcastle, I lost all Comcast cable modem internet access from 11::00 PM until around 5:00 AM. It then went down again for about 20 minutes at 5:15, then returned.

    I am in a weak cell phone coverage area, so when internet access went down, my cell phone G3 back-up failed because I use a AT&T Micro-cell at my house, which of course went down because the Micro-cell takes cell phone to internet.

  • DJS425

    Seattle Eastside my X1 service went out at 10pm. In the middle of Goodfellas! GOODFELLAS! The crime! Comcast should have had a better way in dealing with issues like this. Like an automated message on their hotline saying theres an outage.

  • jnik

    I work late at night, and when I come home my X1 usually has some issue, like not deleting shows or otherwise not obeying commands. It usually is okay after sunrise. I’ve only had the service 2-3 weeks.Friday night/Saturday morning, I had sound then no picture, then nothing. After unplugging then plugging the unit, I got an “error” message. later that day I called Comcast Tech Support and thay finally got it working in 10 minutes. I had no idea the problem was so widespread.

  • AvalonSister

    We live in Tacoma, WA and ours went out at 10PM in the middle of a PPV movie. We tried rebooting multiple times and contacting tech support via phone and chat (no response). We finally gave up and went to bed. Total bummer after only a week having this service to have such an experience. We also still can’t believe there was NO communication from Xfinity on the topic and had no idea the problem was nationwide. To top it all off, we were lied to by the sales rep regarding two supposed features: 1) No app for “smartphones” – only for iPhone and iPod, which means squat if you have an Android; and 2) Internet Apps (specifically Pandora) are not available on the satellite boxes, which means we can’t get Pandora in the kitchen, where we wanted it. I used to use the Xfinity TV app to schedule shows remotely when we realized we wouldn’t be home in time to watch a game, and now I can’t even do that since the app they have for x1 on the Apple platform is just a stupid remote. SO frustrated I could spit!! >:-(

  • DaAvenger

    I live in Chicago area. I have had X1 issues for months. I also experienced teh this most recent Nationwide Outage. Since the Nationwide outage you may have also noticed you now can no longer record any new programming. The DVR did record a couple previously shows set up before the but NOW NOTHING records.

    Ms. Ward from Comcast HQ in Chicago have told me they have stopped selling X1 as of October 2nd because they have no idea what is causing problems or when they will be resolved. They claim the problems only they are having only affects some customers. I doubt that or they would have not stopped selling it in Chicago market. Ms. Ward states the ONLY thing they can offer you is to replace X1 with old Legacy style DVR’s. Do they really know how much time it took to set up series recordings and prioritize them. Plus I’ve been saving shows so I can watch entire seasons of a series all at once.

    Prior to the national outage the X1 would only record about 80 to 90% of scheduled shows depending on the week. It would constantly refuse to record my #1 overall rated show, Breaking Bad, set in the Priority Manager section of DVR. Yet it would record the 3rd and 4th prioritized shows in the same time slot. The DVR would also not display shows being recorded sometimes for as long as 36 hours after recorded. Who wants to watch a football game 2 days after the fact? The problems I have experienced are the same as those in previous markets where X1 rolled out such as Atlanta, GA and Philadelphia, PA.

    Comcast has sold us all a very inferior product. None of my friends with the multi-room DVR like AT&T or Direct TV have these issues, only Comcast. If I had read the Comcast forums with other customers confirming same problems as mine I never would have jumped on board. And until today’s call with Ms Ward they have treated me like I was the only one having issues. I have documented every problem possible trying to help them resolve my issues only to be finally be told the issue is X1, not me, and no idea when or if the issues will be resolved. 5 or 6 service calls for about 20 hours and probably another 20 just itemizing daily issues and sending them weekly e-mails displaying the issues.

    Bottom line, go AT&T or Direct TV not Comcast unless you want a glorified tuner that they call a DVR.

  • Josh Marshall

    Comcast X1 NOTICE: Comcast knows the X1 service is bunk but they will not credit anything until you call in and complain multiple times. Also they have a whole x1 customer service department but you have them transfer you to the dept. They call it a nationwide X1 outage yet still choose to bill at full price. They sent a tech out to tell me this then after being on the phone with them for 30min they disconnected the call. I feel bad for the techs as they have to deal with the customers face to face and all they have to say is there is no ETA for the fix. I love Comcast and hope that they will resolve this matter timely either with account credits or an update to fix the “known issue”.

  • lucas

    comcast just plain sucks, i got it and the outage was not cool at all!!

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