Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch
Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch

Now that Sprint has finally gobbled up Clearwire, we’ll have to wait to see what the country’s third largest carrier plans to do with the assets.

This much we do know: Clearwire’s longtime boss, Erik Prusch, won’t be a part of any future plans. A spokesman for Clearwire confirms that Prusch is leaving the company. He will stay on board in an advisory role in the coming weeks, but he will not have a role at Sprint going forward.

Other execs may be following in Prusch’s path as well, in addition to Clearwire employees.

“Sprint is currently assessing the needs of the organization going forward and will communicate those plans to executives and employees as soon as possible,” a Clearwire spokesman told GeekWire Tuesday afternoon.

It was unlikely that many of the execs would stick around, since it was widely reported that Sprint was most interested in Clearwire’s strong spectrum holdings.

But the statement from Clearwire could foreshadow deeper cuts ahead, something that has been speculated about since Sprint’s initial interest. Given some of the intense negotiations between Clearwire and Sprint over the past eight months, it’s unlikely that Clearwire execs will be playing a big role in the newly-formed Sprint.

Clearwire employed 1,053 people at the end of September 2012, including about 400 in the Seattle area. It will also be interesting to see where Prusch — who joined Clearwire in 2009 as CFO and was elevated to CEO two years later — lands next. The former Borland Software and Intuit exec certainly oversaw a traumatic time at Clearwire.

Sprint completed its $5 per share acquisition of Clearwire today, gobbling up the 50 percent of the company that it didn’t already own. In a SEC filing, Clearwire indicated that its stock is no longer trading on the Nasdaq and its board has disbanded.

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  • Former CLWR Employee

    As a former employee, half the reason CLWR was such a cluster was due almost entirely to the executive team. The sooner they are out the better. CLWR had some great, hard working employees that were continually shafted by management time and again. Doubtless the execs will get paid out. I’m only hoping Sprint recognizes the hard work of the people who actually kept the company running on a day to day basis.

  • Hedley Bowes


  • Sprints Trash

    Former CLWR Employee you are right. I also am a former employee I dedicated 3 + years to Clear always being told that Clear cares and takes care of their employees. ( HA! BS!) I moved my family to a new state to further my carrier with Clear with the promise of moving into corporate. My fiance left his job so I could further my career. So what happens? I move with Clear fulling knowing I was moving for the opening position and a week after I get to my new state they tell me ALL Clear none corporate employees will be let go in 2 weeks. I spent my savings to move so that left me with a whole lot of bills and no money in a new state with a child. I was let go with nothing more then a final check not even my final com. check. The execs got a nice cushy pay out and corporate employees got severance checks. What do the slaves of clear get???? I have lost everything, frantically searching for work now without a car struggling to hold on to our home. As well as being heart broken because I know my old staff is also struggling. So Thank you for Caring CLEAR!!!! And Sprint like what was said before if it wasn’t for all the Clear employees you threw in the trash Clear would have been worth buying. We made the company worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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