Things are rolling for Double Down Interactive.

The Seattle-based maker of casino-style social games that was gobbled up by Las Vegas-based International Game Technology for as much as $500 million last year saw its second quarter revenues increase sequentially by 31 percent to $54 million. This comes after the company pulled in $128 million within 12 months following the IGT acquisition.

And today, the fast-growing upstart also announced that it’s going global with Double Down Casino, which is now available in French, German and Spanish. Previously, players from more than 30 countries used the Double Down platform in English, but now that’s changing.

“Our goal is absolutely to make Double Down Casino a global brand and global experience,” said John Clelland, VP of Global Marketing for IGT Interactive and DoubleDown Casino. “We looked at which countries had the most players and that we thought could benefit from having the experience in that language.”

Double Down Interactive president Glenn Walcott and CEO Greg Enell.
Double Down Interactive president Glenn Walcott and CEO Greg Enell.

The company plans to add Italian and other languages by the end of 2013, depending on the performance and feedback of this launch, Clelland said.

He also touched on the success of DoubleDown, which is impressive considering the fact that players of its casino-style games are only betting with virtual currency. The merger of IGT and its massive games library, he said, has helped in providing a more authentic Vegas gaming experience. Then, there’s the consistency aspect of it.

“We are able to bring a new slot game to players every other week,” Clelland said. “That kind of focus on new content has been one of big differentiators in allowing us to continue to grow.”

Things could get really interesting for the company if online gambling becomes legal in the States, however, only New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have approved online gambling legislations up to this point.

Clelland said Double Down remains focused on being a social gaming company first and foremost.

“It is not something we are building our platform around,” he said of online gambling. “Our core business is very strong and we see plenty of runway for continued growth, regardless of regulatory environment in United States.”

Seattle has become sort of a hotbed for casino apps. Earlier this year, GameHouse launched its own casino on Facebook with more than a dozen games and also released a new iOS app. Then there’s Jawfish Games, which recently debuted the first-ever real-time social gaming platform that supports live tournament play for more than 100,000 users on iOS, Android and on the Web.

Jawfish CEO Phil Gordon.
Jawfish CEO Phil Gordon.

Jawfish CEO Phil Gordon said there are reasons why you’re seeing so many casino games on the market while other social gaming companies like Zynga struggle.

“Casino-based games monetize at four times the rate of a standard casual game,” said Gordon, a former Netsys exec and computer scientist who is perhaps best known as a professional poker player and commentator. ”It’s easy to get people to pay for virtual slots than virtual farms.”

For more on Double Down’s business growth, check out this Q&A we did with CEO Greg Enell.

Editor’s note: DoubleDown Interactive is a GeekWire annual sponsor. 

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  • Patsy Blackmore


    • David Guernsey

      All of this over FAKE CHIPS. After numerous attempts to contact technical support over winning and the application not paying out, I was declined my winnings 5 times. I get “RESPONSE DECLINED” with anything I write back to Double Down Casino Application Tech Support. The Facebook app is a great application, however it is mixed with bugs and issues much like a lot of other online applications. The main difference between the other applications and Facebooks’ Double Down Casino application is that other will correct their issues while Double Down Casino hides behind “RESPONSE DECLINED”. With attitudes like this, I can see why Double Down Casino profit shares are high. it the old “Take The Money and Run” mentality.

      Facebook and it’s Double Down Casino application are free to play. Double Down Casino gives you free spins each day and maybe get a couple hundred thousand chips to play for the day, however they want you to purchase chips from them to play. Even if you purchase chips, the application takes it all back quickly forcing you to stop playing or purchase more chips. Either way, the HOUSE wins.

      If Double Down Casino application does not payout for a winning slot roll, you must contact their tech support to resolve the issues. Their tech support does very little to help you and only pushes it further into “”RESPONSE DECLINED”” frustrating the players to either give up trying to talk to them or go buy more chips to play with. When they are done listening to you, they close your ticket and keep closing any new tickets you open. Again, they win… and what take the cake is:


      Double Down Casino is a criminal when it comes to stealing money from the public. Plain and Simple…

    • never speed real money

      I wont play their anymore either – if you can take 8 million in casino chips and lose it without a good (not great) hit for returns, why bother. these games take a 10 k or higher bet and sometimes pay half or less on a win how long will it take to get to zero, not long, but then they are in business to make it so – so chumps will buy their chips with real dollars. well I played it for free and will never ever give real money for a loser on line game that’s my though.

  • Dissatisfied Nan

    Not impressed at all. All IGT and Doubledown Casino are interested in is the almighty dollar, ie: paying customers. The games are constantly messing up. It’s rigged for the house, plain and simple. There are too many people who enjoy to play, elderly, retirees, invalids WHO CANNOT AFFORD to be paying for fake chips to win fake money! Wake up already.

  • elizabeth brannon

    i agree DDC needs to take care of business…. no satisfaction from lost or missing chips for the last months… diconnect issues in the middle of bonus where i lost over 400 million with 16 spins to go… what did i get? a canned response… DO NOT SPEND YOUR CASH ON THIS GAME…. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THEY WILL JUST STEAL YOUR CHIPS AND NOT GIVE THEM BACK … BAD enuff with virutal chips let alone real money….
    they need to get their tech team in sinc….

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