PlayStation fans will finally get to play a Bungie title.

We got our first look at Bungie’s new game ‘Destiny,’ earlier this week and today we have confirmation that it will be available on the new PS4. Near the end of today’s two-hour Sony PS4 event, Bungie execs took the stage to announce that yes, Destiny is coming to the PS4.

Not only is it coming to Sony’s next-gen console, but there will be exclusive game content just for the PS4.

Destiny will also be available on the Xbox 360 and presumably on Microsoft’s next-gen console, which will be announced later this year. You’ve got to wonder if Microsoft will get its own exclusive content as well.

Destiny will also be available on the PS3.

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  • guest

    Total non-annoucement. It will come to 360 and durango with xbox exclusive content as well.

    • Guest


      • guest

        durango is the codename for the next xbox.

    • OnlyWar

      Funny. No exclusive content for Xbox has been announced

  • John

    They better come out with exclusive content for Xbox that Ps players don’t get. Seriously, Bungie has always been an Xbox company and it’s a miracle to Playstation players that they are even getting a Bungie game, but why would they go OVER the line and not only give PS players their game, but also content that us Xbox players can’t have? If anything, WE should be the ones getting the exclusive content for being loyal to them by buying the new Xbox systems that come out just so we can buy their games.

    I’m, of course, still going to buy the game. However, I am begginig to think Bungie is going to start favoring the Playstation users (who I might add weren’t as loyal to Bungie as the people who DID buy Xbox for the soul purpose of playing Halo). Call me a fanboy all you want, but I feel almost a little betrayed if they go through with this.

  • Goken234

    Next thing you know Bungie will, go to Nintendo.

  • OnlyWar

    Suck on that, Xbots.

    • junior


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