gatesroseMicrosoft co-founder Bill Gates stopped by the Washington Post today and spoke about his support for addressing the threats of cybersecurity.

Coincidentally, Gates today became the latest celebrity to have his credit card, social security and other information posted online as part of an ongoing celebrity doxxing fiasco.

Gates’ SSN, date of birth, address and credit card info were posted to a mysterious website that has been publishing the personal data of various celebrities from Michelle Obama to Tiger Woods.

The hackers seem to be pulling data from one of three big credit reporting companies: Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.

President Barack Obama told ABC News Tuesday that U.S. authorities are looking into the matter.

“We should not be surprised that if we’ve got hackers that want to dig in and have a lot of resources, that they can access this information,” Obama told ABC News. “Again, not sure how accurate but … you’ve got websites out there that tell people’s credit card info. That’s how sophisticated they are.”

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  • guest

    Just used Gates’ credit card to order a yacht and small tropical island to go with it. Hopefully he won’t notice the charges. But if he does, thanks Bill!

  • Factual Headlines

    That’s a misleading headline. Gates didn’t get hacked. His laptop didn’t get hacked. His cell phone didn’t get hacked. His email didn’t get hacked. A third-party company who had some of Gates’ information got hacked.

    I think you still can make a great headline would distorting the facts. It takes practice, but you’ll get there.

  • Walden Gajo

    this is one of the biggest example of a journalist arrogance…then gets hacked!!!
    you can do better than this. why do most tech journalist hates gates and co. so much when it was them who brought the prices of the computers to the masses?
    give it a break and be thankful of what the man has tried to do to make technology available and affordable to almost everyone.
    i’m tired of getting fooled by sensational headings on news articles.

  • Amazed

    Sooooooo, let meet get this straight…One of the three credit reporting agencies that literally hold my financial “image” has a security Weakness? So, can I choose a company on my own to report this information? A company that I find more secure and trust more? NO! My information is literally held hostage and provided, many times without my permission, to third-parties. WOW! Pushing the overwhelming chances of identity theft aside, it really sucks knowing that the analysis these companies make on my financial standing can be compromised. The well-being of myself and my family are in their hands….WOW!



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