Jessica Northey
Jessica Northey

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With an online network of more than 1 million followers, Jessica Northey is a social media force. Huffington Post called her a ‘Twitter Powerhouse’, tech news guide Bit Rebels named her one of Twitter’s Top 75 Most ‘Badass’ Women and Forbes recently planted her at #3 on their list of the top 50 social media power influencers of 2013.

On this week’s ‘Next Big Thing’, Jessica and I dig into one facet of her social empire — Google Plus. Jessica tells me why Google Plus has proven more effective than other online platforms for her brand. She also shares her secrets on how you can use Google Plus to help your company.

Listen to the show below or via this MP3 file.

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  • Not So Social

    Super boring and no real “secrets” that I could learn…

  • Jessica Northey

    Thanks again Jenni! Had a great time!

    • Jenni Hogan

      You rock!!! Love that I can share your brilliant brain with the world.

      • Jessica Northey

        The feeling is mutual! And I have to laugh at the “super boring” comment cause that is the first time I’ve been called that since I was even in my moms tummy. LOL
        PLUS I gave away 3 really really good ways to take over G+. Listening is an art & I’d imagine someone who thinks I am boring didn’t listen very well. :)

  • Guest

    I love G+, left FB long ago and never looked back. No need. Maybe it’s because it’s less rants by people going off about politics and more about sharing knowledge on topics like photography, tech development/innovation, hobbies.

    • Jessica Northey

      I agree with you and love that Google+ is very niche!

  • Solveig Whittle

    It’s great what Jessica has done for the world of country music and its fans. I first learned about her from Misty McPadden a few months ago at Vlogger Fair, and was very impressed. What is remarkable to me is that outside of social media, vlogging and country music (which are still a relatively small slices of the world, albeit growing), she is not even better known in the music media world. Why is no one else doing what she has done in other musical genres is beyond me. Perhaps the answer is that it is just a perfect combination of Jessica’s personality and her ability to be down to earth and energetic that appeals so strongly to her audience.

    • Jessica Northey

      Thank you so much! Your words mean the world to me. I am always wondering how I ended up being “the first on my block to own one” all the time. I think with my background in Marketing, Music and Entertaining I kinda hit the perfect storm with SOCIAL media. It was made for people like me LOL

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