skydriveMicrosoft will be ending its use of the “SkyDrive” brand name as part of a settlement reached today with British Sky Broadcasting after losing a trademark ruling.

While deciding on a new name will likely be a long and stressful process for those in Redmond, it’s a good time for everybody else to put on those creative hats and have some fun with potential new monikers for Microsoft’s cloud storage product.

Imagine yourself as Steve Ballmer right now having to decide on a new name. What should SkyDrive be called? LiveDrive? AzureDrive? Or maybe MetroDrive … oh, wait, that’s not allowed, either.

Let’s see what y’all got. Comment with your ideas below!

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  • Jeff Carlson

    SkyNet is really the only option.

    • Smithers


  • Yep

    Microsoft Office Vista Storage Space 8 Metro for PC and Mobile

    • Guest

      Short for Microsoft Office Vista Storage Space System 8 Metro for PC and Mobile Consumer Business Deluxe Home Professional System Service Release 3 2013 Edition.

  • anonymous

    Xdrive should not be an option (since it sounds similar to s_xdrive :)
    Drive365 ; SpaceDisk; CloudDrive are other options

  • JP

    ModernUI-Drive, BingDrive, CumulusDrive, but the most likely (and unimaginitive of all) is WindowsDrive.

  • Tim Acheson

    I fail to see how SkyDrive infringes on Sky broadcasting’s trademark!

    But here’s some new name inspiration:

    – Microsoft Drive
    – My Drive (may need to buy the rights at least in Sweden)
    – Your Drive
    – X Drive (like Xbox)
    – Cloud Disc
    – Cloud Files
    – Infinity Drive
    – Everywhere Drive (EDrive)
    – MyCloud

    To me SkyDrive is one of the most important services I’ve ever had. Whatever it’s called.

    “Would a rose by another name smell as sweet?”

  • Paul

    What about something incorporating the old Mesh service SkyDrive replaced? Like Windows Live Mesh or MeshDrive

  • mrstacy

    I got this.. name it Drive One!

  • Paul

    Windows Live Storage
    Windows Live Drive
    Windows Live Sync

  • tthor

    PrismDrive. Too literal?

  • dave


  • Andrew Vest

    I would say cloudyoffice

  • James Clapper


  • RobPG

    PublicShare or GovernmentStore

  • Charles

    SoftDrive or M-Soft Drive or MS-Drive or OfficeSync

  • Jason Farris


  • Bomber


  • saty

    CloudSpace or CloudDrive

  • LonelyTraveler

    C:Drive – flashback to the DOS days, but with C standing for Cloud

  • Michael Hazell

    I fail to see how British Sky can possibly win this battle. SkyDrive has been around a long time.

    I say that Microsoft keeps the name and sticks it to the Europeans. If they don’t like it, then block it. It’s only a loss to them.

  • Randy

    Hmmmmm. SkyPipe

  • Jo Riv Z


  • JoeMa





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