iPhone5s-PF-5UPHero_FEATURES_PRINTThe intention of a smartphone software update is to improve aspects of the device, like speed and functionality. For some iPhone users, though, downloading Apple’s new iOS 7 is resulting in a trip to the iDoctor.

I camped outside the University Village Apple Store today, asking people what they thought of iOS 7. Some loved it, others had no idea what I was talking about, and a couple people were actually at the Apple Store because the updated killed their iPhones.

“I tried to update, but it gave me an error and then the phone wouldn’t work,” one frustrated iPhone owner said. “It wouldn’t work and it just kept showing me a cable connected to iTunes, but it wouldn’t let me connect to iTunes. It wouldn’t let me do anything. It was the iBreak.”

Another woman had a similar experience and had to drive to the Apple Store just to get the update.

“I tried to do it last night and I haven’t updated in my phone in a long time, so it took five hours,” she said. “Then, it told me I needed to plug the phone into my iTunes and I don’t have a Mac. So then, it re-synced — which took another hour — and after that my phone wouldn’t work at all.”

So yes, not everyone is exactly stoked about the big iPhone and iPad update. We’ll have more reaction from everybody else I talked to in just a bit, so stay tuned.


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  • Guest

    But but.. Blair said it was magical…

  • Van

    Worked just fine, once the download happened. Servers were swamped. Update itself was seamless. Perhaps the people having trouble haven’t synced recently, as one person says in the article?

  • guest

    This is pretty weak sauce link-bait-y reporting. I expect better from GW. I can get this from Gizmodo anytime.

  • Guest

    Install problems, sluggish for some who have succeeded in upgrading, and battery decreases across the board. I think I’ll wait.

    • Guest

      Like any phone, there are some easy fixes for any battery life issues. I’m finding that after turning off some of the battery hog functions, that weren’t needed anyway, it is about the same as it was with previous iOS. I definitely like the updated features and new look.

  • Mary Simons

    My battery was at 24% on my iPad when I went to bed last night and plugged it in to recharge. This a.m. the charger and iPad were warm & it was only charged to 86%. I had just installed the new system yesterday. Help anyone…

  • appleuser

    Got this problem 2

  • Dan

    When I fist updated to OIS7 I thought they finally made all of the changes my phone was lacking. Then non of my apps would run for more than a minute at a time. Safari was rendered unusable, so for the first time i downloaded and used chrome. As the weeks went on all my apps got updates and things started to magically work as they should have in the first place. My Iphone was better than new. Today I updated the security and bug fixes, after an hour and reaching 95% I got an error and my 4s now needs to go to the grave yard.

  • brad

    This happened to me

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