There are a lot of weather apps out there. Some give you local maps and video footage. Some include barometric pressure, astronomical data, and dew points. Some even incorporate creative, aesthetically pleasing visuals into your forecast. But, essentially, these apps all do the same thing: they provide a list of numbers or images, and leave the interpretation up to you. We found a new app that makes weather a little more personal.

foreseeForesee, available only on iOS, allows you to select your favorites from a list of more than seventy activities, which include sunbathing, tennis, rock climbing, and “yard saling”. Once you plug in your preferred weather conditions for a given activity—say, walking—Foresee uses your local forecast to find the best times for you to walk over the next ten days. This app is perfect for questions such as “can we have a picnic this weekend?” or “when should I mow the lawn?”

With an intuitive display and customizable colors for each activity, Foresee is fun and easy to use. Additional features include the ability to switch between locations, view temperatures in English or Metric units, and share your activity forecast on Facebook or Twitter.

This app is available on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for $1.99.

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Top image via Borderleap.

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  • Yabbly

    Dark Skies is also a must-have App in Seattle. The thing is eerily accurate and will alert you when it’s about to rain (or stop raining) down to the minute. Crucial if you have a dog or kids and want to figure out if you should get them outside before the next rain patch arrives. Obviously less critical this time of year but we all know what it’ll be like eventually :-)

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