App of the Week: ‘Feels’ helps take the uncertainty out of tough decisions

screen568x568Everyone faces a tough decision at some point in life. Whether that’s deciding between a Jewish deli and Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve, or trying to figure out which car to buy, understanding your feelings about the advantages and disadvantages of a given choice is key to feeling confident in the final decision.

A new app for the iPhone wants to make that process easier. Feels allows users to put in a decision, list their choices, and then list (and rank) the different factors that will influence their decision. After that, they use emoticons to record their feelings about each factor for all of the potential choices. The app then provides an overview showing how the choices stack up.

What makes Feels different from a simple pro/con chart is the fact that the app processes the users’ feelings about their choices, and provides insights into how they feel about certain decisions. For complicated choices with a lot of influences, Feels can help illuminate the choice that will bring what the user thinks will be the best outcome.

While Feels’s process is something that’s possible to do with pen and paper, the app brings instant feedback to a something that used to be more manual and time-consuming. It’s possible to get the same result with a lot more work, or just punch in what’s necessary, and let the app help sort things out.

geekwireappThere are some drawbacks, like the inability to weight different influences differently for each choice, and while the interface is clean, it does take some getting used to. But if you’re chronically indecisive, Feels offers a way to easily get feedback on tough choices while you’re on the go.

Feels is available from the iOS App Store for $2.99.

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