Amazon’s second comedy, ‘Betas’ launches today

51wvUxIgAOL._SX300_Amazon announced today that Betas, its second foray into original video programming, has been released to the world through Amazon Instant Video.

Betas is a sitcom that follows a group of aspiring entrepreneurs as they try to strike it big with a new social media app. The show is a part of Amazon’s foray into original online programming, following in the footsteps of Netflix, which has seen a great deal of success from its own original programming initiatives.

Much like Amazon’s first comedy offering, Alpha House, which launched last week and became the most watched show on Amazon Instant Video over the weekend, early reviews from TV critics have been mixed. Like its more politically-oriented sibling, the show seems to have potential, but it’s not clear whether it will get realized.

If you want to give the show a watch for yourself, the first three episodes of Betas are available on Amazon Instant Video for free, and subsequent episodes, which will be posted weekly, will be available for free only to Amazon Prime subscribers.

  • David Lee

    The first episode has some really good lines. I like that the theme song for the show is from a Seattle band, not a Bay area band: Telekinesis