IMG_0039Like many popular apps, Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS got a new coat of paint today just in time for people to start updating to iOS 7. But for Amazon, the beauty is more than skin-deep.

IMG_1120In addition to its facelift, the Kindle app also offers users some new features, including Collections, which allow users to categorize books into whatever categories they want. Unlike a physical bookshelf, one book can go into multiple categories, so you could keep your copy of “The Odyssey” under Epics and Poetry if you wanted. Amazon also integrated its “X-ray” technology into the app, which allows users to learn more about the book with content from and Wikipedia.

Amazon is still trying to skirt Apple’s rules that apply a 30 percent tax to the sale of any item through an iOS app by offering free samples through the app though requiring people to purchase the actual books through Amazon’s online store.

Surprisingly, Apple’s own iBooks app hasn’t gotten an iOS 7 refresh yet. It’s possible that Apple may be saving its new look for a rumored iPad event in October.

Here are some more shots of what the new app looks like:

The new "X-ray" function
The new “X-ray” function
What reading looks like on the iPad
What reading looks like on the iPad

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  • Guest

    Congrats on the launch! App looks great.

  • Sad guest

    Do NOT install the update! It is a Trojan horse, wrecking all your books and keeping you from downloading any more. What were they thinking!!!

    • weirdnoise

      Make sure to install iOS 7 first, or you may have to re-register and re-download all your content when you do. Amazing that Amazon released their update first but didn’t think to test thoroughly what happens if you install it under iOS 6 and then update to iOS 7.

      I can’t say this always happens, but it seems to have happened to a number of people who eagerly updated the app but waited to update to iOS 7.

  • Turkiye 64

    A disaster! Will not sync to last page. New IOS is terrible for several apps. How do I get to old iOS 6?

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