amazonkindleadUnlike Nokia, Rainn Wilson doesn’t exactly think imitation is the best form of flattery.

You see, Wilson, who played “Dwight” on NBC’s The Office, has a little problem with Amazon’s newest TV spot.

The 47-year-old Seattle native runs a website called as a hip place for people to discuss and think about topics like spirituality, faith, and philosophy.

SoulPancake ran its own ad in June titled “Conversation Couch,” which featured random passers-by on the street talking about “life’s big questions” on a couch. They’ve published a few follow-up videos on the same couch with different interviewees.

Somewhat similarly, Amazon’s new Kindle ad involved strangers also talking on a couch, albeit about the Kindle and not prayers, God or love.

Wilson didn’t like it:

Now, as AllThingsD notes, the idea of putting a couch on the street for promotional intentions isn’t all that novel. Several people on Twitter responded to Wilson and directed him to this Kleenex ad:

So yes, Rainn, it’s possible someone at Amazon saw “Conversation Couch,” and thought it’d be a good way to tout the new Kindle Paperwhite. Thankfully for Amazon, though, it doesn’t look like anyone — SoulPancake included— has patented that idea quite yet.

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  • Bears Beats Beets

    Rainn should know: Identity theft is NOT a joke.

  • RainCityChick

    AMZN’s ad company which worked with them pre-first-Kindle launch, pitched couch them couch-on-the-street ads. That’d be almost 6 years ago.

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