Amazon is challenging one of the iPad’s signature features, its Retina display, in a new video ad that aims to convince tablet buyers to take a closer look at Amazon’s considerably less expensive 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD.

The video, above, is the latest swipe from Amazon at the Apple tablet, following up on the Seattle company’s home-page ad in October comparing the Kindle Fire HD ($199) to the iPad mini ($329).

Apple has been known to contest these types of comparison ads, such as the time the company asked Microsoft to correct one of its “Laptop Hunters” ads that was showing an outdated price for a Mac.

In this case, however, Amazon is careful to hedge its claim a bit — saying “you may not be able to tell the difference” between the iPad and Kindle Fire HD screens.

Of course, tablet buyers pay attention to a lot more than screen resolution when making their decisions, but it’s interesting that Amazon is picking this particular fight.






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  • The_Tim

    It probably would be pretty difficult to tell the difference in sharpness between the two with the naked eye. The iPad with “Retina” screen is 264ppi while the Kindle Fire HD is 254ppi.

    However, the iPad does have a slightly taller screen, as can be seen in the video, and about a third more pixels total. 2,048 x 1,536 on the iPad vs. 1,920 x 1,200 on the Kindle Fire. Is that worth an extra $200? Eh, maybe not? I don’t intend to buy either, so I’m probably not the best judge.

    • Guest

      Thank you, Tim.

  • john adams

    omg, GeekWire, your thrice daily Amazon updates are becoming so trivial…

  • guest

    In related news, Apple pokes at Kindle, showing a video of frustrated users poke poke poking their Kindle with nothing happening.

    The Kindle has great features, it’s usability still sucks though. Poke, nothing, poke, wait the screen just rotated on me, rotate, poke, blah.

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