Amazon: Kindle e-reader and tablet sales soar to new levels of undisclosed greatness

KindleFireHDXMaydayAmazon said this morning that the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend was the best on record for its Kindle product line, “with customers purchasing more Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers than ever before.”

As is its tradition, however, the Seattle-based online retailer is not disclosing anything close actual sales figures for the products, not even a percentage growth number.

The Kindle Fire tablet has experienced extreme seasonality in past years, soaring during the holiday shopping season as people buy the device as a gift, but then falling out of the ranking of top tablets by sales during the rest of the year.

Amazon released the Kindle Fire HDX this fall and is marketing the tablet aggressively in advertising campaigns, using head-to-head comparisons with the iPad Air, and promoting the new “Mayday” customer service button.

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  • Mark Twain

    Undisclosed, unaudited numbers can’t be trusted. This is hype not news.

    • RandomGuy

      The real Mark Twain would have appreciated the obvious sarcasm in the headline