sendtokindlesTweet, Share and Send to Kindle? Yep — Amazon wants its own piece of website real estate, right next to those Facebook and Twitter buttons.

The company’s “Send to Kindle” feature, available previously as a browser plugin, was rolled out this morning as a new feature for website publishers — letting them offer the feature  as a button on their sites along with social services.

Send to Kindle lets readers click to send and save stories for reading later on their Kindle devices or apps. The Amazon service is an alternative to third-party services such as Pocket (formerly Read it Later) and Instapaper.

I’m a big user of the Send to Kindle plugin for Chrome. It’s a great way to easily save longer stories for reading when you have time later in the day.

Sites including the Washington Post, Time and Boing Boing have already started using the new Send to Kindle sharing button. It’s available as a standard widget for all sites and as a WordPress plugin.

One dilemma for many publishers, or at least for sites that rely heavily on advertising revenue: The feature strips out advertising in the version that is shown on the Kindle. I’ve asked Amazon if there will be an option for publishers to display and monetize ads in the versions of their stories that are sent by readers to their Kindles.

Amazon does give publishers who sell their content as Kindle subscriptions a chance to present a subscription offer to users of the “Send to Kindle” feature.

GeekWire readers: Do you want this new button as an option on the site?

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  • orcmid

    Hmm, I don’t have the device but I use Kindle Reader software on my phone, on Windows 8, and on my creaking 2005-era Tablet PC. If it works on those, I would give it a spin.

    I would prefer a one-click SentTo Delicious, and if I find something interesting, I also go look around for a full-content RSS feed that would give me the interesting item and its kin.

    Well then. Hmm, sending to a catchall RSS feed that goes to myself would be interesting too.

    I guess the key question is, if I send something to Kindle, can I easily repurpose it from there?. If not, I bet I’d quickly lose interest.

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