Has Steve Wozniak gone Team Microsoft?

As the Huffington Post reports, the Apple co-founder said at an Entel technology press conference in Chile that he is impressed by the design of Microsoft’s new products.

“I made a joke that Steve Jobs came back reincarnated at Microsoft,” he said, noting that he wants to own a Surface tablet. “I’m glad that Microsoft is starting to show that maybe they’re a different company than before. I don’t remember this type of thing happening in a long, long time from Microsoft, so I’m very happy.”

In his talk, Wozniak gave special shout-outs to Microsoft products including the Xbox Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and the Surface tablet, due out this October, commending the company’s convergence of “art and technology” resulting in a “strikingly good visual appearance” of its most recent products.

The outspoken Wozniak’s comments come at a time when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has vowed to take on Apple, in practically every arena, though no official word on a Microsoft-developed phone has been confirmed. Ballmer does predict, however, that the company will move “a few million” Surface tablets in its first year.

Watch Wozniak’s talk here, the Microsoft praise starts at about 2:30  …

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  • Vimto

    This at long last shows the completion of the inversion we have foreseen: the company that Steve Wozniak cofounded has become the stodgy, non-innovative, stifling juggernaut of technology. His erstwhile nemesis has actually embraced the spirit Mr. Wozniak embodies and has been rewarded with the respect and sales that a commitment to innovation brings.

    We are grateful that there are still innovative companies building products that push the boundaries of technology.

    • X2fer

      Really Vimto?! “Completion” ?! “Inversion”?! I’m so not an Apple fan boy but the folks in Cupertino are far from being “non-innovative stifling juggernaut”! The day people line up overnight in the cold and rain waiting to buy the latest Microsoft product while Apple products languish on the shelves would be the day you can maybe say the “inversion” is complete. For now, MS may have closed some of the gap between it and Apple but still far from eclipsing Apple in terms of innovation. Surely, Apple isn’t standing still, it’s just not their style to be talking about what they have going until it’s ready and available for the consumer to purchase, unlike they way Surface was “introduced”. Yes, like you, I’m grateful that “there are still innovative companies building products that push the boundaries” and in the thick of that still is Apple.

  • steve jobs

    windows phone 8 and surface tablets will do very well. IPhone is getting to be boring so is apple products. Microsoft will be #1 again. While android will still have battery eating laggy phones

    • guest

      “Microsoft will be #1 again”
      Have another beer.

  • guest

    Kudos to Woz for giving credit where it’s due. MS is doing some interesting work lately. Unfortunately they may have left it too late.

  • remyngtin

    what ? ? ?

  • remyngtin

    what ? ? ?

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