Windermere Solutions, started as the technology arm of the giant Pacific Northwest real estate company, has changed its name to Sweepre Interactive.

“When we launched the company as Windermere Solutions two years ago, we were a true spin-off from Windermere Real Estate…,” said OB Jacobi, chief executive officer of Sweepre, in a release. “We’re very proud of our roots, but we also found that our name association with Windermere was creating confusion in the marketplace because people thought we were the technology division of Windermere.”

Sweepre is trying to market online tools and technologies that can be used by a number of different real estate companies, starting with its first offering, an iPad app known as touchCMA. Sweepre, pronounced “Sweeper,” plans to unveil other products later this summer.

Here’s a look at demo of the touchCMA product by Brett Eddy, CTO of the company.

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  • Christopher Budd

    Sorry, I’m sure they’re all nice people working on nice products.

    But I was struggling with how you say the name (“SWEEP-ruh, SWEEPRE) until you included a pronunciation guide in the story. And that by the way wasn’t one I thought of.

    Any name that’s not pronounceable just isn’t a good on in my opinion. Sorry, but being honest.

    • Tualatin

      The logo capitalizes it “sweepRE” so to me, it’s “Sweep are ee.” I agree: not a good name. It reminds me of the old dot-com “Accompany,” which changed its name in part because people heard it as “a company.”

  • Matt Wass de Czege

    There is a lot of opportunity in this market. My wife is an agent, I am shocked with how poor the CRM’s are that agents use. One would think that in this digital age and digital analytics capabilities why there is not more. Sweepree has some good capabilities, but all of this needs to be tied to a CRM and marketing application that tracks how clients interact with the information they are given. There seems to be nothing but upside opportunity in this market for Sweepree, but shocked that they don’t already have it.

  • SodoLurker

    Nifty, innovative product but what is with that name? Somebody must’ve sat down and thought “What’s a name nobody will be able to pronounce correctly, has nothing to do with our product line and sounds pretentious and absolutely ridiculous? A-ha!”

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