Nintendo this morning reported a quarterly loss of 10.3 billion yen, or about $132 million. Sales of the Wii game console continued to decline in advance of the scheduled release of its successor, the Wii U, later this year.

The loss was actually not as bad as analysts had been expecting, according to Reuters.

Unit sales of the Wii fell to 710,000 for the quarter, less than half the sales of more than 1.5 million units during the same quarter a year ago. On the bright side, sales of the Nintendo 3DS climbed to more than 1.8 million units, from about 710,000 a year ago.

The console industry overall has been declining as gamers await the next generation of machines and, in some cases, shift their attention to gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Nintendo’s Wii U, the successor to the Wii, will work in conjunction with a tablet-style controller known as the Gamepad.

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  • Reginald

    Nintendo is not to be pitied. They ignored the rise of the Internet and emphasized off-line gaming for far too long. They continue to charge upwards of $40 for casual games at a time when freemium dominates as a business model. The company is reminiscent of Disney in the mid-1980s: few hits, a huge back catalog, and an outmoded business model.

    We would like to see a Michael Eisner type come in and reinvent Nintendo. Nintendo is a company which quite literally revitalized the home game console market after the crash of 1983. Thirty years on, the gaming world has changed but Nintendo has not.

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