Lots of people — 88 percent, in fact — do not post an address to their Facebook profiles and it makes sense. We don’t want our personal information floating out there in the social network world.

But that makes it difficult for those using Facebook to gather addresses for holiday cards, invitations and announcements. WhitePages, however, has a solution.

The Seattle company today launched WhitePages Mailer, a platform that connects Facebook profiles to WhitePages’ database of 200 million people to compile addresses for your Facebook friends. The service is available through the Facebook App Center, on the web and on mobile devices.

“While Facebook is perhaps the best iteration of the modern day rolodex, contact information like home addresses are noticeably absent from user profiles,” Jason Milstead, WhitePages general manager, said in a release. “WhitePages Mailer combines the reach of Facebook with the power of WhitePages’ people data to create a product that accelerates the painstaking process of collecting addresses for friends when you need to send them a card, gift or to simply get directions to their homes.”

Users can log in to Mailer with their Facebook account. WhitePages will then match your friends’ names with its address database. You can verify the address with each individual and also create groups. WhitePages makes it easy to export the addresses to a spreadsheet or directly onto mailing labels.

This solution arrives just before the holiday season, so if you can’t hunt down the addresses of Aunt Suzy, Uncle Joe or your childhood buddy, this might be a smart option.

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  • Guest

    Congrats to WhitePages on this new release! This is great news for consumers and for businesses.

  • http://superkinz.com Andrew Kinzer

    Seems pretty hit or miss… maybe 1 in any 5 they present actually have any info, and a good deal of those seem like they have the wrong address.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jclement337 Jared Rene Clement

      Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback. I’m one of the software engineers behind Mailer, so I’m admittedly really biased, but I’m excited because this app is seriously going to get much better over time. Not only are we going to continue developing, fixing bugs, and enhancing features, but as people use it the data in your Mailer will get more accurate and more complete.

  • Guest

    Seriously? WP.com is increasing becoming irrelevant. This ain’t gonna change a thing. News flash, since Alex Algard returned to triumphantly lead the the company, it’s been a long downhill path. What’s your revenue and EBITDA look like these days Alex? How does that compare to 2006 before you came came back to “save” things. Another losing product for an irrelevant company

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