Sorry, but this was too strange to ignore: Domain name watchdog reports that Microsoft has obtained the sites “” and “” as part of an acquisition spree possibly related to the release of Halo 4 this fall.

Whois records confirm it. Fusible suggests that “clicktohump” is a reference to an unsavory practice in Halo multiplayer games, but even if that’s the case, it’s not clear why the company would feel the need to take ownership of the domain. We’re checking to see if we can find out.

In the meantime, it’s important to note that Microsoft secures many domain names that it never uses, to protect its interests and keep others from using them. That could be part of the explanation here. Other Halo-related names acquired by the company recently include,, and others, according to the Fusible report.

Microsoft has been known to conduct quirky online campaigns, but this would take it to a whole new level. Both the dot-com and the dot-org variations of “clicktohump” currently return 404 errors.

For now, we’ll file this one under “unexplained weirdness,” and let you know if we hear otherwise.

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  • Anonymous

    Corporations with strategic brands often make defensive purchases of offensive sounding domain names; perhaps that’s what’s going on here. Or they’re planning a really edgy marketing stunt.

    I have crouch set to ‘toggle’ so I’m really bad at the whole unsavory gesture thing. :-)

  • MHazell

    This is weird. Thanks for reporting!

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