Are you in the market for a new laptop? You may want to hit the stores this Independence Day before prices creep back up. New research from, the Seattle startup that predicts whether prices will go up or down on consumer electronics products, indicates that we are currently in one of three periods during the year when prices on laptops decline.

The company analyzed prices of 3,600 laptops from 116 sellers, and found that the average price savings are 10 percent, or as much as $240.

According to Decide, here are the best times to buy a laptop: Late June to early July before the “back to school” rush; late September just after the “back to school” rush; and the last two weeks of December just after the holidays.

For example, predicts that the HP Envy — a 15″ laptop that was first released in January — is currently selling for a record low price of $1199.95. predicts it will go up in price by $140 in the next two weeks. Here’s a look a the price chart for the laptop. (Correction: The original price was incorrectly stated in this report. See comment below from Shauna Causey of Decide with more details).

And here’s a look at what believes will happen with the Samsung N, currently selling at a low price of $580.

And it is not just Windows-based laptops. also said that prices on the MacBook Air from Apple are expected to rise in the coming weeks.

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  • Jake Ludington

    Guys, you might want to correct this post. Decide is correct that this is a great time to buy. The HP Envy deal looks too good to be true because it is. I got the same press release you did, checked the pricing and found out the $650 is for a bundle at Walmart that includes a 17″ refurbished HP. For another $199, you can change the bundle to include a different 15″ laptop, but again not an ENVY.

  • Ray

    Excellent…just went down to Best Buy and bought an HP. Loving it!

  • Michael

    I feel like I’m missing something with the Mac pricing. Isn’t the price always the same, unless Apple is doing a holiday promotion? I’ve never noticed the prices changing on

  • remyngtin

    great stuff , thx

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