Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, the Republican candidate for governor, is no doubt heads-down right now preparing for tomorrow’s live TV debate against his Democratic rival, former U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee. Maybe they should just have a dance-off instead.

Rob McKenna

The video above captures one of the more, um, interesting moments of the 2012 campaign, as McKenna and his wife, Marilyn, join a group of dancers at a Korean Day celebration in Seattle last weekend. It’s dorky, and maybe even a little charming, but more than that, it’s irrefutable evidence that the whole “Gangnam Style” meme has gone way, way too far.

Did they teach him this in the Eagle Scouts?

The video has been making the rounds on regional news sites, with the one above and other versions racking up thousands of views so far.

Whether it helps or hurts McKenna remains to be seen. But for all the money candidates still spend on traditional advertising, it just goes to show that there’s nothing like an online video to shape public perception … for better or worse.

At least his wife and kids are having fun with it.

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  • HaterNews

    I’m sure the brainwashed sheep who just see the “R” next to his name will hate him all the same, as they have been conditioned to turn red and rant at such a sight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.fade Richard Fade

    What a snarky comment – give the guy a break just having fun in context – McKenna is a sincere guy who has worked hard for the state – he deserves better

    • http://geekwire.com Todd Bishop

      “Dork” is a term of endearment around here, Richard. We’re just cringing because this could just as easily be us.

  • Guest

    Wizard! Rob’s got my vote because of this.

  • watson45

    The US Flag is on the wrong side of the stage.

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