The campaign to kill the Stop Online Piracy Act has lots of support from some of the Internet’s biggest names, including Wikipedia, Cheezburger and other big sites that plan to blackout their pages Wednesday in protest of the bills.

Now the initiative has its own video and song, as well.

The team at YouTube comedy channel LaughPong, has put together this video, to the tune of “American Pie,” seeking to raise awareness of SOPA and the related Protect IP Act. The tune might not win any Grammy awards, but given the intense interest in SOPA and PIPA in technology circles and increasingly the broader public, it’s bound to get more than its share of views.

LaughPong’s Zac Cohn, who is also organizing the Seattle campaign against the bills, says the idea was to educate and entertain, and issue a call to action.

Look for a cameo by Cheezburger chief Ben Huh, as well.

Follow-up: Microsoft says it opposes SOPA ‘as currently drafted’


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  • Andy

    how very very ironic that an apologist for web piracy chooses to parody someone else’s work rather than attempt to drum up an original thought. Loltwat :-) 

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Zac and Ben for helping to save the Internet by defeating SOPA! I support this Fair Use parody of Don McLean’s hit track and I will let my followers know about it.

    • Andy

      ha ha ha .. save the internet ! what mothatrickery is this !!!                            

      The internet would flourish with even richer content and greater freedoms for artists in all fields if people who consume their work operated with a greater sense of responsibility and a degree of respect for the creative processes that enrich lives and define this current , or any future , society  or maybe we should all live with Zac ,Ben from Loltwat & ” the Guest ” and his  followers in a world of fair use parody and no original thought :- (  

  • Guest

    Good message.

    @9e2d809d3766aa78b54359845ed7d981:disqus  – I defy you to explain how SOPA/PIPA and the side effects of their passage into law would produce greater freedom or richer content as you claim.

    Maybe more important than the focus of the parody is the more general concern for how legistlation can be “bought” these days…avoid the political commercials, educate yourselves and vote, folks!

  • Anon

    Awesome song!

    But like every article on SOPA and PIPA, it glosses over the facts. The bills have nothing to do with censorship. That’s a red herring.

    Like most technical rules written by bureaucrats, the bills are a mess. But the idea of protecting intellectual property is a good idea. It protects all of us.

    Think about this. Why is one of the most vocal critics of SOPA (Cheezburger) a site which consists almost exclusively of stolen intellectual property? (in the words of Congress, “dedicated to infringing activities”).

    Rather than just object, why don’t these companies work with Congress to pass a good law?

    • Zac Cohn

      Hey Anon,
      Thanks for your useful comment. Sorry we glossed over the facts when we wrote the song, it’s pretty hard to rhyme with a lot of legalese – especially when you’re trying to stick to a tune!

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