Apple sparks a lot of great innovations. But just imagine if you applied some of the cutting-edge design and manufacturing principles from the iPad and iPhone maker to the beloved holiday card.

That’s the world that Seattle product design firm Artefact Group imagines in this hilarious spoof on Apple’s launch videos. We get bombarded with all sorts of holiday well wishes at this time of year (thanks, and happy holidays everyone) and this one had the GeekWire crew in stitches this afternoon.

My personal favorite line: “We’ve actually taken the patented page-turning gesture from the digital world, and applied it to a real paper product. This allows you to interact with the card in a completely fluid and natural way.”

Here’s the full spoof, which draws inspiration from Apple videos such as this one featuring design guru Jony Ive. Don’t Ive and Gavin Kelly look like brothers?

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  • amarmitra

    One word: lame.

  • EricP

    Not sure if I should laugh or cry?

  • Robtgir

    if only they did not take themselves this seriously.

  • Roy Leban

    I think it’s cute. One of the thinnest and lightest mock Apple videos ever. But Helvetica … ?

  • Alessandro Filippi

    Well, now sell millions of those at 10$ each. Without that is too easy!

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