You’ve followed the live blogs, seen the highlights and read the posts, but here’s a chance to see and assess Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer straight from the company itself.

Here’s the full video of the company’s presentation yesterday in Hollywood, via Microsoft, featuring CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky and other Microsoft executives. Does seeing this unfiltered video change your impressions of the device?

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  • Ronald S Woan

    Ballmer still seems very awkward on stage. His body language doesn’t match the words.

    • Ronald S Woan

      Sinofsky was very good though.

    • guest

      That’s because he knows this is an act of desperation on MS’s part, not the innovative new opportunity he’s trying to portray it as.

  • Ronald S Woan

    MS Hardware video: we manufacture it all ourselves. WTF?

  • Aimee

    I could see this being used in the classroom at all levels fairly easily. Seems like it will be fairly easy to use, but I can also see some conflict with ‘old school’ generation.

  • Matt

    looks bad ass, do want

  • guest

    Nice looking case. Unfortunate that the first unit hung during Sinofsky’s presentation. But Paul Thurrott summed it up well:
    “For all of its desire to be just like Apple, Microsoft is nothing like Apple.
    And Apple would never have introduced such a half-realized product as this. Had
    Apple announced the Surface, you’d know everything about it, would be able to
    view the full product specs on its website, would see all of the model versions
    and options, and so on. And you’d be able to buy it, or at least preorder it,
    right now.”

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