Lots of speakers aim to give their audience valuable takeaways, but Double Down Interactive’s Glenn Walcott took that concept very literally at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle today.

Double Down Interactive’s Glenn Walcott and the team of “baristas” after the stunt.

As he wrapped up his speech this afternoon at Benaroya Hall, the Double Down exec gestured to the sky. Suddenly $1,000 in dollar bills started raining down on the crowd, shot from what sounded like cannons by a group of women positioned in the balconies — causing a mad scramble among attendees to grab the cash.

It was unorthodox, for sure, but perhaps appropriate given the topic of his speech: “Building Your $100 Million Company (or your $500 million one!).” Double Down Interactive, which makes casino-style Facebook games, was sold to casino giant IGT for $500 million this year.

Walcott, a veteran of Blue Nile and Big Fish Games, is certainly one of the more colorful characters in the Seattle tech community, and this at least solidifies that reputation. Double Down, like many tech companies around town, is attempting to fill a bunch of open technical positions, and the stunt grabbed the attention of the industry crowd, at least.

I caught up with Walcott afterward and asked him some serious questions about Double Down’s business, and we’ve added his comments to our earlier story about IGT’s earnings report today.

But wait a second — who were those women, exactly?

“They were friends of friends that are baristas around town,” said Walcott.

Hmm, they didn’t really dress like baristas.

“I think they might be bikini baristas,” he said.

He added, “Hey, you’re spending a lot of money to be at a conference. Why not do something that’s fun and innovative and new. Kinda goes back to how we make our games innovative and new.”

Walcott said it all comes down to how people will remember the talk. “Is it something I said in the speech? Hopefully. Is it something that happened around the speech? Perhaps, too.”

If all else fails, they’ll walk away with a little money, huh?

“That’s exactly right,” he said.

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  • Alicia G.

    What’s the over/under on sexual harassment lawsuit in less than a year? And those girls look awfully young…

    • S

      and hot! I’d do each of them.

  • Latosha

    Make it rain, Glenn!

  • George Michael
  • Guest

    In the Marissa Mayer era of women’s liberation and equality, this is positively insulting. We expect a full apology on this web site tomorrow.

  • droidgamer

    I’m so offended by how offended some people can be toward attractive women. They are certainly old enough to be working at a conference to help give away $1000! Their day jobs should be irrelevant… THEY GAVE AWAY $1000!!!!!

  • Lacey

    This article is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with Double Down or Glenn Walcott’s presentation. It seemed to be focused on bashing the girls the Glenn hired to do promotions for his company. HE chose the girls and HE decided what they wanted to wear. Walcott also hired an Elvis to walk around with the girls but there is nothing about that in this article either.

  • Lukas

    A jealous rant by an asshat

  • http://northwestvelo.com A_McNett

    Glenn knows how to party. Climb back in the wambulance, people.

    • SoccerMom72

      What this guy said!

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