Microsoft is less than two weeks away from releasing its first computer, the Surface tablet running Windows 8, and tonight the company provided a sense for how it will market the machine, debuting the first Surface television advertisement.

The ad focuses heavily on the signature keyboard accessory, with an attention-grabbing and unexpectedly quirky dance routine. The ad, directed by dance and music film specialist John Chu, debuted on Dancing with the Stars tonight. What do you think?

This is part of a broader ad blitz for a wave of upcoming products including Surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The first Windows 8 commercial aired over the weekend.

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  • Guest

    Does it seem strange to anyone else the only thing Microsoft seems proud of and willing to share about this device is that the kickstand makes a clicking noise?!

    It couldn’t be launching at a more difficult time. iPad minis will be this holiday season’s go to tech gift.

    • B_Sack

      Enjoy your iPad mini. I’ll be getting a Surface.

      • Guest

        I already have enough tablets and devices. Enjoy your surface. I just think the masses will continue going with whatever Apple shows them for Q4. Surface must be under $600 to have a shot.

    • Nikola Arnaudov

      Unless you don’t want repackaged 2 y.o. hardware:)

    • guest2

      What you actually speak of is the whole Apple marketing plan, since one really cannot do much real work with many of their products. I watched the 2 hour new products release and the first thing Apple championed was bigger screen and thinner IPhone 5. I can’t even fit my entire music collection on the largest IPod. I have used Apple since the days of the Apple II as well as MS products and many flavors of *nix over the years. MS has a good product here but you are such a fan boy you can’t admit it. They have taken the tablet to the next level and have been very creative with the detachable keyboard. Give MS credit as they are being more innovative which will force Apple and Android to respond, that’s good for all consumers. There are plenty of good demos around but if all you watch is the biased Apple fan boy youtube videos who reveiw a product they haven’t taken the time to learn, you’ll never learn anything.

  • Red Russak

    Saw this for the first time earlier tonight on TV and thought “HELLS YEA! Go Microsoft!!” Seriously, they made their product sexy. Bravo to their marketing team.

    • Guest

      Making it look sexy (in the eye of the beholder) is one thing but will it actually work? Or do we have to wait ages for Service Pack 2 again? Marketeers didn’t code Windows 8. They are just creative with the truth. Time will tell if Microsoft’s attempt at becoming relevant in this market will succeed. And that takes more than a Marketing team (remember Vista?).

      • SheasSuas

        Windows 8 has been available to test drive for months. All this remember Vista stuff is so lame – get with the present.

  • yolta deprokly

    I sell enterprise software and the number topic of conversation is Win8 tablets. The surface will dominate the iPad soon

    • Guest

      So I guess you just sell the Microsoft menu and live amongst pink unicorns because you will be hard pressed to find a CFO, CIO or CTO who has shown a serious interest in Microsoft’s tablet. Did you read those major announcements from the likes of SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM and other Enterprise software vendors about upcoming Windows 8 tablet support for their applications? Exactly, there are no announcements. How does lacking Enterprise software support make the Microsoft tablet of any use in the Enterprise? So let’s be a little more realistic. Microsoft tablets are not going to dominate iPad or Android any time soon, if ever. You just wish it did.

      • Will

        Not sure what you are speaking to? The MS tablet specifically integrates with most if not all IT landscapes that exist today. Why…because its Microsoft and Enterprise capability and integration is no different from Win7 and WinXP. This is where MS got it right and the tablets will be preferred in companies from IT which will then drive demand in the consumer world. Of course…this is strategy. Time will tell what actually happens.

        • Boz

          It is true. 8 has same fully native integration to Win 7 code base. So if a CFO could connect to (and interact with) SAP with his windows 7 computer he will be able to do so with a Surface or any other win 8 computer/tablet. He cannot do that with an ipad today…. or tomorrow…. So it is very possible that a lot of children of executives will be getting used ipads from their parents this holiday season.

      • AnotherGuest

        Trust me on this you are WRONG, Surface and all windows 8 tablets are more secure and run full version OS’s with built security unlike anything the iPad can do. It was built with the corporationpersonal use in mind. I hope you do not believe Microsoft would not have world class support for these as well. You may not hear much from Microsoft’s direct competitors like you mentioned above who will be affected by this but step out to majority of corporations and the buzz is there and rightfully so. I would not bring an iPad into my corporate environment.

  • Guest

    I am cautiously optimistic about this commercial. Obviously light on details, but it will certainly drive home the point that this is a product which operates in many modes: note the many shots of Surface being used as a tablet and as a laptop, being effortlessly converted between the two.

    We expect more informative adverts in the next few weeks, but what we really anticipate is using Surface at retail outlets such as the GeekWire pop-up store downtown.

  • Guest

    Poll Shows IT
    Preference for Microsoft Mobile Platforms

    News Service – Oct 16, 2012

    half of IT managers in a new survey say they plan to standardize their
    company’s mobile platform on devices running Microsoft operating systems.

  • Justin

    put those kids behind a white screen and you got a pretty sweet apple commercial!

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