A new name for SEOMoz appears to be in the works

SEOMoz is one of the most transparent startups we’ve ever come across, with CEO Rand Fishkin openly discussing everything from revenues to challenges as an entrepreneur to problems raising venture capital financing.

That’s why we were so intrigued to stumble upon this Web site, which features the company’s robot mascot and the words “top secret” hanging on the door.

Fishkin isn’t saying too much about the new site or what they’re up to. “We’re always cooking stuff up, so we’re having fun with it,” said Fishkin of the new mystery site, the domain of which the company has owned for about a year.

We’re hearing that a name change may be coming for the company, dropping the “SEO” and going just with “Moz.” That would not be a surprise since SEOMoz is still thought of in many respects as an SEO consulting shop, even though it sold off that part of the business to Distilled in 2010 to focus entirely on software.

The image from the Moz.com site suggests that the company is opening the door on a new era.

The company certainly has a lot of momentum right now. It raised $18 million in venture capital funding from Foundry Group, Ignition Partners and others last month, saying at the time that it planned to use the cash infusion for new features, hiring and possibly acquisitions. And, it appears, a name change to Moz.

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  • Guest

    What is the meaning of “Moz” here, anyway? The first N times I saw “SEOMoz,” I assumed it was affiliated with the Mozilla Foundation in some way.

  • http://twitter.com/khanklatt Khan Klatt

    The “robot mascot” apparently has a name, and it’s apparently roger. Aside from doing a view source and seeing the comment “shame on you checking out this lousy HTML source and its combination of bad HTML 3 and CSS”, you can see a reference to http://moz.com/images/roger.png in the project’s /images/ folder. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/khanklatt Khan Klatt
  • Unite

    That page has been up for months.

  • Yourraindancer

    SEOMoz is the local authority in Seattle’s IT community and the consensus is that if you don’t know about Roger you couldn’t know about ‘Moz.

  • Gabi

    I noticed that the more hype there is around a movie or something, the less interesting it turns out to be eventually. We shall see..

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