T-Mobile USA doesn’t have the iPhone — but it doesn’t have data limits, either.

Well, that probably won’t work as an ad slogan, but the company is hoping that its launch of a new unlimited 4G data plan will win over or at least retain smartphone users wary of monthly data limits on plans from AT&T and Verizon.

With the move, T-Mobile is aiming to differentiate itself from those larger carriers, which are instead giving customers the ability to share a finite monthly allotment of data among a variety of devices. Under those shared plans, AT&T and Verizon both charge extra if customers use more than the data allowed by their specific plans.

Sprint also offers unlimited data plans, but T-Mobile says its high-speed network has better coverage.

One catch: The T-Mobile unlimited plan doesn’t work with mobile hotspots.

T-Mobile is hoping that the new approach will bolster its reputation as a budget carrier. A smartphone user on T-Mobile’s Value Plan (in which customers pay full price for a phone up front) will pay $70/month for unlimited calls, texting and data; while a smartphone user on the company’s Classic Plan (in which the cost of the phone is subsidized) will pay $90/month.

The new unlimited plan will start Sept. 5. T-Mobile customers will also be able to keep their current plans. For more, CNet News.com and USA Today both have good summaries of the news.

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  • Guest

    Another catch: T-Mobile doesn’t have a network that covers Seattle adequately, let alone the rest of the country.

  • PrePay Me

    I commute between West Seattle and Bellevue. With AT&T, my phone calls would drop reliably in three places along the way. Not so with T-Mo. In fact, of the Big Four, they’re the best carrier for coverage in my area. (No VZN at my house, Sprint and ATT=dropped calls constantly.) Their pre-paid plans rock too. Less than HALF of what I was paying!

  • Fair warning

    Be warned if you want to switch your unlocked AT&T phone to T-Mobile, make sure it speaks the same frequency. Most of T-Mobiles 4G network DOES NOT run as the same frequency as AT&T phones. Made the switch, then was highly disappointed when the customer support person told me this. They do post it on the website, but you have to dig for it, and know what you are looking for. Rather underhanded if you ask me.

  • bobeast

    What the hell is a “4gb unlimited” plan? Is it 4GB or unlimited, it can’t be both.

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