FOLLOW-UP: Tablet Cheat Sheet 2.0: Now an editable spreadsheet

People thinking about buying tablets now have no shortage of options — not only choosing which brand of tablet to buy, but also figuring out which model to buy within that brand. Apple’s announcement of the iPad mini earlier today only added to the complexity, so we decided to help with this chart, below, comparing the tablets from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple.

We focused on the basics: storage size, screen size and price. Of course, there’s a lot more to any given decision — including app ecosystem, battery life, screen resolution and more — but hopefully this will help as a primer. From an industry perspective, the chart also provides an overview of the competitive landscape … at least until the next big announcement.

FOLLOW-UPTablet Cheat Sheet 2.0: Now an editable spreadsheet

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  • Christopher Budd

    Thanks, this is really handy.

    Can I make a couple of requests/suggestions that would make this even more useful (‘cos you’re right, this is getting so complicated that a scorecard like this is a really useful item).

    First, if there were more a spreadsheet element to it, so I can quickly scan what each model has without jumping around the screen, that would be a huge help. Second, if you included information on the operating system and the supported app outlets (and maybe a current ball park of number of apps) that would make this the go to page for me.

    Might be worth adding the Nook too, just for completeness sake.

    Again, thanks very much for this!

    • Phil Barrett

      yes. and please update it after the MS and Google announcements have occurred. This space is going to get a whole lot more interesting.

  • John Doherty

    what about the vivo tab (and all the other Windows 8 tablets)?

  • guest

    The 10″ Google Nexus tablet at $299 that will be announced in 1-2 weeks will look pretty good next to these.

  • Guest

    Would you kindly make an Excel version of this? A big-ass JPEG doesn’t really convey information in an easily-digestible form. This is no better than a glossy brochure at the GeekWire pop-up store, which I look forward to visiting next month.

  • Sergei Shevlyagin

    You should include the iPad 2 on there.

  • Todd Bishop

    Great points all the way around. I will continue adding to this and improving it.

  • Steve Murch

    This helpful diagram shows why we mobile developers sometimes lament that the promise of the web (write once, run anywhere) is gone, at least for now. Then we do a big sigh, and get back to coding our API’s and ecosystem management. So many OSes, screen sizes, versions of OSes, etc. Just so many build-targets out there.

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