In this fast-moving world of sound bites and Twitter posts, getting your startup’s message boiled down into one simple digestible sentence is more important than ever. Now, here’s your chance to practice, with some nifty prizes for the winner.

We’re hosting a “Startup Pitch Session” in conjunction with the Founder Institute over the next three days in which any entrepreneur can submit their one sentence pitch in the comment thread of this post. (No elevator is needed here, but we’ve got a separate project cooking on that front which we will be launching next month).  Deadline for this contest is 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, February 26th.

Veteran entrepreneur and Founder Institute creator Adeo Ressi has agreed to judge the entries, provide feedback and help pick a winner, which we will announce on GeekWire some time early next week.

Adeo Ressi

And just to make things a little interesting — since every entrepreneur likes to get his or her competitive juices flowing — the Founder Institute has agreed to provide the winner with a full scholarship to the tech accelerator’s Spring program in Seattle. (Courses run from March 5 to June 26 and normally cost $995).

Meanwhile, GeekWire will feature the entrepreneur in one of our upcoming Startup Spotlight profiles.

Ressi, who sold GameTrust to RealNetworks in 2007 and went on to start, has some great advice on how to pitch a company in this video. And he suggests that entrepreneurs follow this very simple format when pitching:

“My company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_ with _(secret sauce)_”.

So, what are you waiting for: Ready, set … pitch!!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who offered pitches. I wanted to let everyone know that we just chose our winner. Check it out here.

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  • Adeo Ressi

    Hey, everyone, I will be happy to review any one sentence pitches over the weekend that you post here in the comments. Make sure to keep them short. I have seen some really long sentences. The shorter and clearer, the better. Good luck!

  •!/SohinShah1 Sohin shah

    Build a database with the profiles of children that NGOs are working with, to ensure that the world can realize their existence and also read about each one’s situation.

    • Adeo Ressi

       Great idea, actually. Very thoughtful. try to follow the format like:

      My company, ChildReach, is developing a website to help charitable donors track the monthly progress of real children that organizations are helping for the purpose of transparency by linking field workers with easy-to-use mobile technologies, such as SMS and camera phones.

      •!/SohinShah1 Sohin shah

        Actually, it is only an idea/concept that I have had for sometime now, with no clue whatsoever as to how to begin working on it. For that purpose I made a twitter profile so that I can follow entrepreneurs, connect with like-minded people and participate in events like this one.

        I appreciate your kind words!

        • Adeo Ressi

           It’s a good idea. Think about how to get the data, and explain that in the secret sauce piece. Demonstrate mastery by doing some research on the types of phones and networks that field workers use, or come up with some other means of data collection.

          •!/SohinShah1 Sohin shah

            Thank you. Shall delete this post to protect the idea. I am following you on Twitter and will reach out again once I have made some progress worth sharing.

          • Adeo Ressi

            Don’t worry about protecting the idea. Nobody is going to steal an idea. It’s all about execution, anyway.

  • iPredikt

    My company, iPredikt, Inc., empowers people by serving as the Internet’s hub for sharing and voting on predictions through a dedicated site and a widget control that enables bloggers and website owners to engage their users.

    • Adeo Ressi

      The idea is interesting. Nice.

      First, the name is problematic. Misspellings just create confusion, especially with word of mouth referrals. You are better off branding with evocative name, like Futurecast or Futuresource.

      Second, what is the secret sauce and how do you make money? Are you a distributed advertising network? Do you sell the data? Indicate what makes the idea unique and how you make money in the pitch.

      I think you are on to something, and a little tweaking of the pitch will make it much better. Want to try again? Good luck!

      • iPredikt

        Thanks for the feedback, Adeo.

        Regarding the name, I agree that FutureCast or FutureSource might be more evocative and less dyslexic…but securing a domain name like that is not something a scrappy startup like iPredikt can afford. At all.

        Curiously, our non-English speaking European friends love the name (especially my friends from Germany). In the grand scheme of things, our name isn’t holding us back.

        Regarding the sauce (and, for the record, I HATE the term “secret sauce”), we think that unlike other prediction-based sites based on complicated betting and scientific formulas (like InTrade), our offering elevates entertainment, humor, light-heartedness and a beautiful and engaging user experience. “Never underestimate the power of a great UI!” we like to say. And making a prediction about Justin Bieber or Jennifer Aniston or The Denver Broncos is WAY more fun than predicting the price of oil futures. (Although all of these prediktions are fair game on our site.)

        So: how do we make money? The same way that Google and Facebook make money: through advertising. But not just your Grandmother’s ads. We plan to build a loyal user base and then lease our cookie pool(s) to companies like BlueKai. We also plan to surface highly contextualized ads to our users based on their (publicly available) voting history. We know, for example, who the NASCAR fans are. We also know who thinks Barack Obama will be re-elected. In the world of targeted, contextually-relevant advertising, this is a BIG DEAL! Heck, maybe we’ll event become big enough some day to run our own ad network.

        In terms of the current challenge, I’m not sure how to roll all of this in to a single sentence. Our UI motto has been “Less is More”, and I already think our one-sentence pitch is too long.

      • iPredikt

        I created a new, first-level post based on your feedback. Thanks. I had to resort to a colon and a semi-colon, but grammatically it’s still one sentence.

  • Swatee

    My company Wellness Junkie, is developing a health/wellness game to help 18-45 year-old woman achieve their her goal in a fun, easy, and social way by letting her create a “Wunnki”, a virtual pet who she takes care of as she and her friends & family log her activity. Her Wunnki is a reflection of her health. She receives virtual and real life awards by entering her Wunnki in virtual sponsored competition with other Wunnkies or from friends and family who buy gifts from her wishlist or a marketplace.

    • Ram

      Great Idea, Girl! Way to go! Woo Hoo!!!!

    • Stevenaepstein

      This is a great idea! I see connections to co-marketing partners that maybe women oriented e.g. Lulumon, etc.

    • Adeo Ressi

      Another interesting idea – merging virtual pets with wellness. Some comments.

      First, this pitch is too long. You need to get it in one sentence.

      Second, “Wellness” and “Junkie” are two words that probably should not be used in the same sentence, but it is funny. The name is a bit long. Wunnki is less funny and not capably of being phonetically spelled. Some thinking about better branding will really help.

      Third, the avatar idea is genius. Why does it need to be a pet? Why don’t you just create a health avatar, that might be a pet, to represent your well being? This seems like a multi-platform avatar -on Facebook, on mobile and everywhere else.

      With a little spit and polish, this could be a great pitch. What to take another stab? Good luck!

      • Swatee

        Thank you for the constructive feedback. I’ll take some spit and polish to it and resubmit. For the same reasons you stated, we liked Wellness Junkie and are working on a shorter company name that has the same sprit and different name for the pet. 

        You bring up an interesting point about the pet v.s. avatar. My game designer and I had the same discussion. The key to the game is going to be that the player makes an emotional connection to the digital character. We think that is going to be easier to do when the player is responsible for the character’s progress, therefore we’re calling it a pet. We might be too close to the idea and splitting hairs but we think the Wunnki sits between an avatar and pet. Conceptually avatars and are independent of the player’s behavior’s and actions and players have direct control over their properties. Pets sit on the other side of the spectrum and are characters whose properties/progress are directly dependent upon a user’s actions or behaviors. 

        • Swatee

          Adeo – also to your point, a person can still have a Wunnki and not enter them into contests. That would be the equivalent of what you are describing. I will be posting my new pitch shortly. 

      • Swatee

        Hi Adeo – Here’s our final pitch: 

        My company, Wellness Junkie,
        is developing a game to help an 18-45 year-old woman achieve her health goals
        in a fun, easy, and social way by giving her a chance to win gifts and prizes
        when her digital pet, which stays healthy as she and her support network log
        her activities, achieves goals or wins online sponsored competitions.

  • Matt Ebert

    I am going develop a ranch dressing that is both calorie and fat
    free, and still tasty. This way people will not feel guilty about dipping carrots and broccoli from their veggie platters at luncheons and social gatherings.

    • Adeo Ressi


    • Ageless Male

      Brilliant! I would love to try your calorie & fat free dressing ranch dressing! 

    • TimothyTallTail

       You need to research Walden Farms…

    • TimothyTallTail

       You need to research Walden Farms…

  • Kevin Dawidowicz

    My company, is developing a web community to help collectors and memorabilia originators connect with each other and stop counterfeiting with chain-of-custody ownership tracking.

  • colmena

    My company, future_startup_without_name, is building a platform for scientific software researches and developers to help sell their ideas using the power of cloud computing.

    • Adeo Ressi

      There are a few problems with this pitch that make it hard to understand.

      First, I am not sure what a platform is. Is it a website? A mobile application?

      Second, theoretically, a scientific software developer can just build the software and then sell the software to end users. Who is the developer selling the idea of the software to? A potential funding source? Are these developers employed by large organizations? This is unclear.

      Third, the “power of cloud computing” is very vague. Do you mean building a marketplace for ideas?

      Here may be a clearer pitch that I am just making up to help:

      My company, ScienceSoft, is developing a website for professional software engineers to pitch group development efforts of complex scientific applications by like-minded peers using game mechanics to encourage participation.

  • Kevin Dawidowicz

    Sheesh…  rule #1, spell your website right.  Please delete previous post.  

  • Judy Schramm

    My company, ProResource, is developing a Salesforce app to help sales reps build stronger relationships with prospects and clients by sharing quality blog content. Our software delivers a set of relevant blog posts for each contact that can be easily shared in email or social media.

    • Adeo Ressi

      I am not a 100% sure what your company does, but this can be easily clarified with a few tweaks. Also, the pitch needs to be one sentence.

      First, the target market is a little vague, “sales reps.” You might want to say something like, “sales professionals at small businesses, which represent 10% of users.”

      Second, there is a bit of a logic breakdown. How does sharing blog content build stronger relationships with prospects? Sharing topical articles on timely market issues with targeted leads might increase sales, however.

      Third, there is no secret sauce. Here are some places to look for secret sauce… How do you collect the articles? How do you parse the articles? How do you automatically deliver the articles? How do you track the results?

      I am a little concerned that any dedicated Salesforce App *may* be too small of a market. I heard that they had just over 2 MM seats (I may be wrong).

  • Kevin Dawidowicz

    My company, is developing a web community to help collectors and memorabilia originators connect with each other and stop counterfeiting with chain-of-custody ownership tracking.

    • Adeo Ressi

      I like certification and review businesses (I started, but the problem is that (a) they are very hard to monetize so (b) they often become lifestyle businesses.

      If you want to build a big collectables business, look at the order of value:

      1. The Items
      2. The Brokers
      3. The Certification

      It seems to me that the big opportunity would be to establish yourself as the definitive certification source and marketplace in a niche, and take possession of the items. For example, you could be the world’s leading marketplace and certification service for home run baseballs. You buy them from the kids that caught the ball, you certify them and you sell them in a auction that you control. In this case, you make 50 to 100x what a certification business alone may make.

      Then, you could syndicate out the model to other niches, such as home run bats. Just a thought.

      • Kevin Dawidowicz

        Great comments, and with your experience, you sniffed out our roadmap rather effectively.  We do not want to be a lifestyle business ;)

        We would like to be the de facto timeline for items on the internet.  Think of it as a carfax for collectibles (collectible being anything from the mona lisa to the brand new yankees jersey you bought from yankee stadium).  Our system is a pivot point for collectors, dealers, ebay, amazon, etc sellers, authenticators and originator to add value to the items in the system.  We have early partners with the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Jim Kelly, Rob Gronkowski (and his brothers), several dealers in the US and UK, an authenticator in the UK, and others.  We have focused our initial efforts on autographed memorabilia (because we had to pick “something”) and know that eventually other verticals will follow.  We intend to roll out a marketplace, along with tools to list items in existing marketplaces, knowing that we would never replace the ebays of the world.  

        The only thing we have not considered is actually holding the items.  There are experts out there for that, we want to let them play in our system instead of being the subject matter experts ourselves.  Take for instance all of the TV programs from Antiques Road Show to Pawn Stars that bring in experts to discuss, authenticate, and appraise items.  Those experts opinons are now included in the item timeline, forever memorializing the authenticity of the item.  Add ownership change tracking, and you have a real solid history of an item. 

        We love the community aspect of the site as well. Sure, I will follow Rob Gronkowski on Twitter, but now, I’m also his friend on CP because I purchased something from his store.  My friends can see that relationship, and click up the chain of custody, and also make purchases.  

        As far as revenue, we have built out several possibilites in the system…  alot to discuss in a blog post, so I’ll keep it short (too late). 

        In any event, thanks for the insight, any more at this point would be a bonus!

  • Alexander Polynov

    My company, Boostmate, is developing a social network/graph alert and recommendation service  to help people with thousands of friends in various networks build their personal communications with an easy intuitive way.

    • Ageless Male

      How will Boostmate be different from other similar service?

  • Didier Monin

    My company, Sychey Games, is developing a gaming concept to help parents and kids share and enhance each other’s gaming experience while respecting each generation’s gaming pattern with a mixture of traditional and modern gaming platforms and a unique world.

  • Shell School

    My company, shellschool is developing an online and interactive courses to help startup and internet engineer to learn unix shell, system administration and cloud administration with simple and quick unix commands exercices in the browser, and earn badges for their achievements.
    The goal is to be the codecademy for system administration. 

    • Anonymous

       I get it. I like it.

      Question: beyond badges, can’t you start to certify people more officially, which may be part of your secret sauce?

      • Shell School

        Thanks you for your feedback adeo. 
        About the certification, a lot of the content is inspired by the LPI certification which is a linux system administrator certification. So, it will be easy for shell school’s users to pass their certification. We also thinking about create our own certification. 

  • Stephen Schramke

    My company, The Daily Deals Agency, has developed the first FB network of Daily Deal Marketplaces to help FB members find all of the deals
    in their neighborhood via a interactive map and category list without
    having to join dozens of daily deal email lists or leave FB. 

    • Anonymous

      So, Daily Deals is an overcrowded and unproven space. Aggregating Daily Deals from third parties on Facebook is easy to do. How are you differentiated? What makes you special? How can you protect yourself from hundreds of clones?

      Good start. Want to try again?

      • Stephen Schramke

        My company, The Daily Deals Agency, has developed a FB distribution network of 1.5MM fans to help daily deal companies and merchants acquire customers at a fraction of the cost of Google advertising. 

  • Chris Harris is a cloud-computing hiring software solution that helps busy managers save time and money to automatically find their best candidates in seconds.

    • Anonymous

      This is unclear… Let me give you an example, and then maybe you want to try again:

      “My company, Unrabble, is developing a website to help executives at small to medium sized technology companies find candidates for key jobs, such as engineers, without having to write or post a job description by recruiting common jobs to a central candidate pool.”

      • Chris Harris

        Thanks Adeo. Great feedback! I’ve revised it slightly to make it appropriate to what we do.

        My company, is a resume-free hiring solution that helps managers at small to medium sized companies find job candidates, without the hiring manager having to look at another resume ever again.

  • Robert Melick

    My company Pulpmill will develop a webplace for student writing in order to take essays beyond grades, give students a reason to care about their work, and shed light on some of the world’s best, and often missed, genius.

  • Rich Weisberger

    Is this for just for socially active startups?

    • Adeo Ressi

       It can be for any startup!

      • Rich Weisberger

        My  company, quesume, is developing a social network to help employers and college students solve the problem of the “networking and skills divide”  by supplying a social network  for employers to offer real life case studies for students to apply  and get feedback on during each of their college  years.

  • Rich Weisberger

    Our company, quesume, is making college interactive. Our platform builds trusted networks between employers and college students to make the college  four year degree a four year networking event. Quesume disrupts the resume. 

    • Anonymous

       Please try to follow the format:

      “My company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a
      defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_
      with _(secret sauce)_”.

      Want to try again? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

       Please try to follow the format:

      “My company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a
      defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_
      with _(secret sauce)_”.

      Want to try again? Thanks!

  • CWE

    I founded Urban.Ag (@urbandotag:twitter ), which is building rooftop commercial greenhouses to help local food producers and distributors provide better food locally and year-round, with simple, sustainable, and effective methods.

    • Anonymous

      Great idea.

      However, “with simple, sustainable, and effective methods” is not really secret sauce. Some secret sauce ideas… How quickly can they be installed? Can you do water collection from rain for the plants? Do the units produce greater revenue for the building than costs quickly?

      If you want to take a stab at fixing the secret sauce and re-posting, we’ll use the updated one. Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      Great idea.

      However, “with simple, sustainable, and effective methods” is not really secret sauce. Some secret sauce ideas… How quickly can they be installed? Can you do water collection from rain for the plants? Do the units produce greater revenue for the building than costs quickly?

      If you want to take a stab at fixing the secret sauce and re-posting, we’ll use the updated one. Good luck!

      • CWE

        Rain harvesting isn’t a secret sauce really either. It’s hard to sum up the sustainable methods we use, and the unique way they’re used to keep things simple, and get consistent results quickly, but here we go:

        Urban.Ag is building rooftop commercial greenhouses to help local food producers and distributors provide consistently better food locally and year-round, with a custom combination of rain-water harvesting, composting nutrients, and low-cost, rapid fabrication.

  • StealthFounder6

    My company, Kouncl, is developing an online service to help consumers make tough decisions by helping them discretely tap into the experience and empathy of their friends.

    • Anonymous

      There are a few problems with this pitch.

      First, a lot of people have failed at trying to do this idea, and the general consensus is that you need a vertical focus to launch, though these ideas have also failed. What is a tough decision?

      Second, these are inherently word-of-mouth viral ideas, so the name needs to be phonetically spelled. I presume that your name means “counsel.”

      Third, consumers is too broad a market, which relates to the point above the tough decisions.

      Fourth, there is no secret sauce. What mastery is your approach brining to the problem of making tough decisions.

      Let me give you a sample pitch:

      “My company, TheDivorcer, is developing a website to help married women aged 25 to 40 make a decision on divorce and find either a counselor or legal expert to assist by presenting a women’s case to experienced counselors.”

      Good start. Want to try again?

      • Anonymous

        Thx Adeo!  V2:
        My company, Roundtable, is a social decision platform for Type A moms and dads to make considered parenting choices with input from friends through shareable polling widgets, private collaboration pinboards, and a directory of friends who’ve made similar choices in the past.  Parenting is hard…but your friends can help.

  • JMac

    My company, GroBox, is developing a complete gardening system to help the wanna-be-gardner figure out how to grow their own food with little space and no knowledge of plants by leveraging the power of technology. 

  • iPredikt

    Here’s Version 2.0 based on earlier feedback from Adeo Ressi:

    My company iPredikt, Inc. serves as the Internet’s hub for sharing and voting on predictions, helping ordinary users compete with experts through a dedicated site and companion widget control that also: A) lets bloggers and website owners engage with their users; and B) enables advertisers to surface contextually relevant ads to users based on their public voting history.

    • iPredikt

      Or maybe just…

      My company iPredikt, Inc. serves as the Internet’s hub for sharing and voting on predictions, helping ordinary users compete with experts through a dedicated site and companion widget control that lets bloggers and website owners engage with their users and enables partners to surface contextually relevant ads to users based on their public voting history.

  • Neville Bezzina

    Sense of Nature is developing nanotechnology for natural silk fibres to be applied in bedding and help people suffering from allergies to sleep better and feel better

    • Anonymous

       This is good, but the pitch is a little off. Try something, like:

      “My company, Sense of Nature, is developing silk sheets and bedding to help sensitive or allergic sleepers get better rest by using nanotechnology to eliminate allergens and other uncomfortable particles.”

      Good start. Want to try again?

      • Neville Bezzina

        Thanks for your feedback. What about: “Sense of Nature is developing silk bedding to help allergy sufferers and light sleepers rest better by applying nanotechnology to eliminate bacteria and regulate body temperatures” 

  • vryseriousgames

    VerySeriousGames, creates collaborative 3D immersive worlds for language learning, science and mathematics. Turning todays students into inquiring, creative and passionate innovators for the future.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting idea. Here are some comments.

      First, the name is too literal. Serious Games is the genre, so you are locking the business in to one vertical, which may not work out.

      Second, how does “3D immersive worlds” improve learning and retnetion? You may want to explain your basic thinking as secret sauce.

      Third, who is the target audience? 14 to 18 year old male high school students? Are the games sold to parents of these users?

      Please try to follow the format:

      “My company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a
      defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_
      with _(secret sauce)_”.

      Want to try again? Thanks!

  • Sean Featherstone

    My company iSengua (sensa/lingua) is developing mobile language lessons to help smartphone users around the globe SPEAK English with Native Tutors delivered to the smartphone by video.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting. Smart phone users are too broad a target market. You should be more specific about the demographics and countries, since you will need to do marketing in each country where you want to operate. In fact, your secret sauce should hint at how you plan to get distribution.

      Want to fix it and try again? Thanks!

      • Sean Featherstone

        Thanks for the feedback Adeo, we have a 4 minute investor pitch to deliver for a competitive start up fund next week with a 50/50 chance of funding. So let me try again

        My Company iSengua (sensa/lingua) is developing English language lessons for the 20-32 age group located in Asia who have learnt the core competences of the English language but not the spoken element, lessons are delivered via iOS and android applications by native English speakers.

    • Rich Weisberger

      Hi sean, you might want to consider a txt based system. See txt for baby for a working model.

      • Sean Featherstone

        Thanks Rich, I will have a look

  • Clarence Day

    My Company (to be named) is developing an online secondary market for owners of crowdfunded stock to provide liquidity to investors with our proprietary SEC approved process. We have traction from our target audience and several pre-planned exits points for Angels and pivot points for investors seeking to hold for later execution.

  • Socialize Your Menus

    MenuWorks help restaurateurs bridge their technology gap providing a web based menu management and patrons engagement platform to optimize customer experiences such as bringing menus, wine lists and more in
    the palm of customers’ hands, their smartphone, and empowering patrons to “socially” rate, review
    and share their favorite menu items.

    • Socialize Your menus

      Oh, check it typing in your cell phone browser :-)

  • Greg Martin

    My company, Liquify Digital, is developing a entertainment genome fueling a cross-category discovery engine called, Mynd, which delivers personalized entertainment recommendations to users on any device so they won’t ever have to feel lost in a sea of overwhelming content choices again. We’re able to do this through a unique combination of human curation, machine learning, and big data analytics.

  • Buntu Redempter

    “My company, KoolCable, is developing an all-in-one computer cable to help desktop computer users minimize desktop clutter by combining all computer devices cables into one”.

    • Anonymous

       Love it!

  • Brianhbarron

    My company, General Innovation-Seattle, is developing a free standing biomimical fueling attachment to provide electricity to the billion+ people at the bottom of the world’s population pyramid using atmospheric heat (Global Warming) & humidity to generate just-in-time & on-the-spot grid-less power.  See Arun Majumdar’s HBR “audacious idea” at (

    Electrify the bottom of the pyramidby Arun Majumdar       Harvard Business ReviewJan 13, 2012

    Staggeringly, about 1.5 billion people live without electricity. They are off the grid literally and figuratively, lacking a basic resource so vital to economic development and well-being. 

    But extending the grid is not always practical – in many cases logistical issues and high costs make it all but impossible. The solution: Creating local, self-contained, affordable power generation and storage systems that can provide electricity wherever it is needed.

    Emerging economies like India, China and Brazil have aggressive rural electrification programmes. They have discovered, though, that laying thousands of miles of wire or burning expensive diesel fuel to run inefficient generators is not necessarily the best way to bring electricity to remote communities. 

    Stand-alone power generation systems using local resources – particularly renewables such as solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric – increasingly look more attractive. But with renewables, there is a catch. When the sun sets or is hidden by clouds, or when the wind stops blowing, the lights wink out. 

    The solution is storage. Just as cellular technology leapfrogged land lines to bring telecommunications to millions in remote areas, battery-assisted stand-alone systems could leapfrog hard-wired electrification. Imagine a photovoltaic panel and a high-capacity, low-cost battery in every home in every remote village.

    The United States Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency is making major investments in next-generation battery research, targeting higher-efficiency batteries at significantly lower costs. Though this research is driven by developed economies’ concerns – chief among them, extending the range of electric vehicles – better and cheaper batteries will help open up vast new markets at the bottom of the pyramid. 

    The challenge is more complicated, of course, than just getting the science of storing power right. There are huge economic and technological hurdles to clear. But who would have imagined 20 years ago that billions of people in developing economies would join the global conversation on their mobile phones? 

    There is a good chance that, 20 years from now, hundreds of millions living off the grid will depend on local electricity generation with storage to reliably power lights, refrigerators and phones – wirelessly joining the electrified world. © 2012 Harvard Business REVIEW (Distributed by The NYT Syndicate)Arun Majumdar is the director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy.

    • Anonymous

       Clearly, this is verbose and it has too much jargon in it. Here may be something simpler:

      “My company, General Innovation-Seattle, is developing a powerplant the size of a shipping container to help rural towns in third world nations leverage atmospheric heat and humidity to produce electricity using advanced biomimical fueling technology.”

      Good start. Want to try again?

      • Brian Hughes Barron

        I like this non-verbosity.  I can’t improve on it. Well done. Thanx.     Waste heat recycling and hydrogen fuel production are two Dark Horse technologies ripe for exploitation.

        PS: We hope to initially produce an appliance the size of a refrigerator, and later develop the technology to the size of a suitcase.   bhb

        • Anonymous

          It’s nothing personal. I am on the Board of the X PRIZE, so I get the idea. My comments are only to help your pitch. You talk about providing electricity to over a billion people. No investor will take you seriously until your devices provide power for 100 MM. Small tweaks to the Picth make it (a) more credible and (b) more understandable.

          Either way, good luck!

          • Brian Hughes Barron

            I’m sorry, Adeo, but it is Arun Majumdar, Director of the high-risk innovation agency, ARPA-E, that has identified the size of the market at the bottom of the pyramid. Please read Arun’s “audacious idea” in the Harvard 
            Business Review (noted above).  Ironically DOE Secretary Steven Chu has disparaged the potential for a near-term hydrogen economy because diatomic hydrogen gas is so very difficult to STORE & DISTRIBUTE. Part of our secret sauce is to design our innovation so that TIME for STORAGE and DISTANCE (SPACE) for DISTRIBUTION are both driven to ZERO; the result is a system that ingeniously manipulates the precursors of hydrogen gas, producing it “just-in-time” & “on-the-spot”. Please see our patent pending “WO/2009/079260”, and “Brian Hughes Barron” for more info about our innovation.

            Thanx again for you interest & input.

            brianhbarron@msn:disqus .com

          • Anonymous

            You are confusing fact with perception, but you seem set in your ways. The facts that you state in a 20 word pith may be 100% correct. However, the way that these facts are perceived may be negative by investors.

            I recommend reaching out to a few angels, trying your pitch, and carefully watching their reaction. If you don’t get any real interest, this is a clear sign that you need to alter the pitch.

          • Brian Hughes Barron

            Adeo: Thanx SO very much for your input.   It was Sir Henry Tizard who observed: “The secret of science is to ask the right question, and it is the choice of problem, more than anything else, that marks the (wo) man of genius in the scientific or innovative world.”

            GE has asked the two most perspicacious questions last May: (a) Will WASTE HEAT be our next power source? and (b) Does HYDROGEN hold promise for our energy future? 

            We are waiting patiently for them to ramp up production at their revitalized Louisville Appliance Park of a GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heater & an ORegen System for Waste Heat Recover, and to follow up on their insightful questions.

            Since nearly 85% of the sub-components for our appliance are being made for these  two systems, we are eager to have them develop the rest of our innovation, as a collaborative licensing arrangement. 

            VCs & Angels really can’t do much for us at this stage.  Thanx very much.

          • Anonymous


          • Brian Hughes Barron

            To the One sentence Winner, Pradeep Chauhan, Adeo sez: “The real opportunity is in the trends.”
            And even more remarkably so in our pursuit of “just-in-time” & “on-the-spot” electric power for everyone, everywhere, to wit:

            Arun Majumdar, Director of ARPA-E, predicts: “There is a good chance that, 20 years from now, hundreds of millions living off the grid will depend on local electricity generation with storage to reliably power lights, refrigerators and phones – wirelessly joining the electrified world. 
            © 2012 Harvard Business REVIEW (Distributed by The NYT Syndicate)
            And RP Siegel writes in “Electric Democratisation & Decentralization” that: 

            “Electric energy supply is slowly moving from centralized utility-scale power plants to small distributed renewable sources, a large number of which are privately owned. This trend has been dubbed the Democratization of Energy. Jeremy Rifkin calls it “lateral power” in his new book, The Third Industrial Revolution.” Rifkin says that the combination of the Internet and renewable energy, conjoined by a globally connected smart grid, will have the same kind of transformative effect on society that the tandem team of steam power and the printing press first had, followed by electric power and television. This latest transformation from centralized to democratized power, claims Rifkin, will fundamentally reshape our society into a more sustainable one.
            This sounds like some kind of utopian dream, but is it really happening?“Grow your own,” and “do-it-yourself,” are not terms that we generally use to talk about generating electricity.

            We think that wireless electric power will be a bigger market over the next twenty years than the explosive growth of the mobile communications market: after all, all of those i-Phones will need charging by i-Power.  bhb

  • John Hamer

    My nonprofit organization, the Washington News Council (, has developed an innovative “TAO of Journalism — Transparent, Accountable and Open” Pledge and Seal ( to help anyone practicing any kind of journalism — print, broadcast or online — to earn public trust by voluntarily promising to be Transparent about who they are and where they’re coming from, Accountable if they make mistakes, and Open to other points of view…Just TAO it!

    • Anonymous

      Interesting. From a pitch perspective, it is long. As a rule, try to avoid adjectives and sales language.

      You are developing a certification program for content produced by journalists. What is the purpose? To help consumers? To help journalists? To help the media business? How do you ensure accuracy?

      I recommend tweaking the pitch and re-posting. Good luck!

  • Jim

    My company, GridMobility, has developed a SaaS platform that enables electricity users to choose renewable energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money with our patent-pending Color of the Electron power control service.

  • Rich Weisberger

    My company, SameDayDr, is developing a web portal to help insurance companies and patients solve the problem of hospital readmissions with a  dedicated web portal with services ranging from from video  home healthcare instructions to same-day  access to the appropriate healthcare provider.

  • Waymon Wilkerson

    My company, (to be named), is a full service gaming lounge bar aimed at helping adult gamers and tech enthusiasts (18-30) have fun with their peers and network with others who have similar interests by offering a range of gaming options such as console gaming, arcade booths, table top games, and more. 

    • Anonymous

       Awesome! I want to go…

      I am not sure what a “gaming lounge bar” is, though. Are you more of a lounge for 18 year olds or a bar for 21+ year olds?

      • Waymon Wilkerson

        It will be a bar (21+) but maintain a lounge atmosphere.  In the end, the establishment is catered towards the older demographic.

        • Dave Parker

          As a dad of teenagers… make it open for birthday parties on weekends before 5pm as well. You’ll pull a big underage event crowd.

  • Waymon Wilkerson

    My company, (to be named), is a full service gaming lounge bar aimed at helping adult gamers and tech enthusiasts (18-30) have fun with their peers and network with others who have similar interests by offering a range of gaming options such as console gaming, arcade booths, table top games, and more. 

  • Larry Swanson

    I am developing a web-based system to help desk workers stay healthy and productive at work with customized and strategically delivered fitness recommendations which are based on the user’s profile and which are drawn from a knowledge-base consisting mostly of expert-level user-generated content.

  • Jimmy

    My company is developing a mobile chat application to help smartphone users in populous cities enhance their connection with nearby people, retail stores, restaurants and businesses with real time, radius based chat.

    • Anonymous

      This is solid. The pitch is easy to understand. There is one small detail. How does chat help an individual connect with a business? I get how it helps individuals connect with other individuals. This may be something that you add as part of the secret sauce. You may also want to tune your target market a little more to something like “professionals with smartphones in major cities.”

      Overall, good. Could use a little polish.

  • Miye

    My company, Therapy Exam Prep, is developing the first online exam prep webinar program to help physical therapy examinees pass their board exam focused on the clinical thinking approach.

  • Khalid Siddiqui

    company, SIDCO is developing an assisted living automation appliance to enable
    medical institutions, along with the family and friends with smartphones or
    tablets to remotely monitor and assist the ageing population, thereby enabling
    the elderly to live comfortably in their own dwellings by easily interacting
    with the state of the art appliance using Natural User Interface.

  • Vikas Khandelwal

    My company, PriceMatchDog, is building a webapp to help homeowners get a price match on appliances after the purchase, by completing the last mile of linking retailer specific requirements (documentation, timing, allowed stores, etc) with a reliable price alert service so that it is hassle-free for consumers to get a refund from their retailer

  • Dave Chase

    Adeo – It’s awesome you are doing this. Lots to learn just by reading comments below. I look forward to your suggestions. Here’s a whack at it for my Patient Relationship Management company:

    “Avado is an Internet-based communication system to help people-centric health professionals deliver care during the 99+% of the time when individuals are away from the provider with flexible collaborative care tools.”

    If you want expansion on elements, here they are…
    * Internet = web & mobile (iphone only so far)
    * People-centric: As opposed to legacy healthIT which is very provider-centric. It’s long been said that the most important member of the care team is the patient. However, legacy HealthIT just has the “patient” being a vessel to attach billing codes to. Avado gives the individual a seat at the care team table.
    * 99+%: Because of the whacky historic way we pay for healthcare, in a sense doctors only care about you when you are meeting them in person. Yet, it’s what you do/don’t do the “other” 99+% of your life that determines whether you return to/maintain health
    * Flexible collaborative tools: Example of this is the patient feedback loops we create where one might have conditions/vitals they track while they are at home (historically done via sheets of paper – “patient diaries”). We provide flexible tools to allow any standard medical item (blood pressure/sugar, etc.) or non-standard (e.g., someone with asthma might track how many times they wake up).

    Good news for Avado is there’s massive disruptive innovation taking place on the care delivery side of healthcare (read Clayton Christensen’s “Innovator’s Prescription” for more) so there’s a demand for new tools such as Avado. Response to our beta is bearing this out. Our ability to pitch customers has been far more effective than pitching to investors so it will be great to get your thoughts as we look to raise our first outside $$.

  • Kelsye Nelson is developing an online marketplace for DIY-minded writers and content experts seeking to side-step traditional publishing paths and connect directly with service providers by posting biddable service requests for each step through the publishing process.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, everyone, just want to remind Founders that today is the last day to apply to the Founder Institute in Seattle.

    You need to have submitted an application to be eligible for the scholarship if you win the pitch competition, and you can apply quickly at this link: Good luck!

  • Tiffany Reiss

    Our company, The HubEDU is developing an online learning community that connects people with education opportunities (continuing/corportate education) resolving an inefficiency in the current model by doing for higher education what Expedia did for travel.


    My company,, is developing a mobile, location-based marketplace where users can discover what people and local businesses are buying and selling in real-time. 

  • Anonymous

    My company, BioGrid, is developing a Facebook BioGrid status to help users display through an icon the percentage of time they’ve been off the traditional energy grid while still being logged onto Facebook through an app that monitors the device’s demand and supply. Users collect energy points and send for free DIY sustainable-energy trial kits that include a sheet of solar glazing, a mini-wind turbine, a biogas converter toilet, and a urine-to-nitrogen converter with tips on selling nitrogren back to local farmers. Funded initally by alternative energy investors and and government back-to-work programs.

  • Vitaliy Ryjkov

    My company Yosto is developing social shopping Marketplace which helps small businesses sell their products online without paying for advertisement or upfront fees, by creating a referral system for buyers where everyone makes money from referrals, lifetime.

  • Kyle M Brown

    My company quikStarts is developing an application that helps product support teams in companies of all sizes, create step by step instructions on the web, to reduce operating cost.

  • Kim Barsi

    My company, GoInstant, has developed a real-time web sharing technology that is completely platform, application and device independent and without any complicated system requirements that helps
    ecommerce businesses easily and instantly collaborate and co-browse online with
    customers, partners and colleagues for improved sales, transaction support and
    training services.

  • K. Bouic

    company, Touch, has developed a mobile-centric social connectivity application
    to help users of any age and gender seamlessly connect and engage in real-time
    with their most significant personal relationships from any smartphone,
    supporting instantaneous chats and photo and experience sharing within a more
    intimate social networking experience that has been designed and optimized for
    mobile devices.

  • Ashley Blackmon

    My company is developing an app to help adults (18-35)
    balance the desire to participate in social activities with the need to
    accomplish items on their ever-present to-do lists.  My company’s secret sauce is an algorithm that will organize
    individuals’ free time to meet their goals and to prevent wasted time or missed
    opportunities. The schedule generated by the algorithm will create the most
    efficient sequence for the to-do list based on location, time, money and dynamically
    update based on proximity to friends, local deals, or personal preferences.

  • Leigh Fatzinger

    My company, Prosodic, has developed a social media predictive analytics platform for brands, enabling them to connect and interact more closely with their audiences by targeting the right content, of the right type, at the right times, in the right context; where Nielsen defined targeting and segmentation for television, and Omniture defined targeting and segmentation for the Web, Prosodic is defining targeting and segmentation for the Social Graph.

  • Tom_Nocera

    Since you ask, I’ve designed, and have a patent pending, for a Time Travel Video Game which makes the fun time spent in interactive 3D gameplay also a fun way to develop a better understanding of both history and geography. 

  • Brian Maschhoff

    company,  Map the Night, is developing an Internet application which
    will help people who want to get out of the house find nearby
    entertainment options on a multimedia-enriched interactive map which is
    customized for their interests and location.

  • Hamzah Kattan

    My company, 1Pitstop, aims to reduce the time, cost, and effort associated with modifying and customizing cars through digital online tools and knowledge sharing platform.

  • Jack

    @font-face {
    font-family: “Cambria”;
    }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }My company, WhipMyApp, is developing a series of bad child POV, ass whipping short video clips, which activate the vibrating mechanism on your smartphone at each whack, thus providing a motivational tool for all lazy adults to make the world a better place.

    • Jack

       My company, WhipMyApp, is developing a series of bad child POV, ass whipping short video clips, which activate the vibrating mechanism on your smartphone at each whack, thus providing a motivational tool for all lazy adults to make the world a better place.

      • Anonymous

         Thanks for the fix!

  • Pradeep Chauhan

    Our company is developing an online community and
    marketplace for IT/software consultants to discover the best available contract
    positions based on user reviews of client companies, their preferred vendors, the
    jobs, and billing rates.

  • SaltyWaffle gives GenY’s unemployed masses the edge they need to get a job in any field by through realtime, online social media training.

  • John Hamer

    My nonprofit organization, the Washington News Council ( has developed a voluntary certification Pledge and Seal for anyone practicing journalism called the “TAO of Journalism — Transparent, Accountable and Open” to help the public decide who to trust in the media and help journalists live up to the highest ethical standards. 

  • Angela Miller

    My company is developing an ecommerce website to help women
    between the ages of 25-45 have a single source to shop, read product reviews
    and save online shopping history essentially becoming the Orbitz or Travelocity
    for retail.

  • Anonymous

    The winner processing has begun…

  • Sidney Beitz

    Even though I might be a little bit late with my pitch and can not enter the contest anymore, I still would be very interested to get your thoughts on it. Thanks. Best, Sidney Beitz.

    My Company, iEntertain! is developing “Metroboi” an all in one “facebook/Yahoo!” like, social recomandation, info/entertainment app for mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets and webbrowsers, to help the billion dollar market of gay- and gay affin men 16 to 50 across the world to find better deals on lifestyle leveraging products and local events, better ways to find other local men with same interests and to better share their life and findings, experiences and important updates among each other and to get better entertained by original metroboi produced live & recorded shows & video segments for on the go, at work or at home, by centralizing metroboi with its original up to date content and consistent “look&feel” as the main curator for its special target group on what to buy, what to like, what to try, where to go, what to see and whats best to share.

  • Rochelle Spencer

    My company, ImagiTEACH, is developing a website and App to help college writing teachers share, search, and review lesson plans and classroom activities.

  • PayPal Guest

    Hey GeekWire – nice little list of tweet-sized startup company pitches. All are ideas worth pursuing. I’d like to see all of these taken to the next level.

  • Chi Hung Chong

    My start-up, Dotti, changes the logics of advertising by allowing merchants to reach out to multiple-level end users of smartphones and conventional phones via ad-appended SMS platform.

  • Paul J. Canniff Jr.

    OK … wait, did we start already?

  • Rick Parker

    Bedouin Networks, A complete turn key IT Architecture as a Public cloud service that will replace every SMB (small meduim business) server closet in the world, cost effective, reliable, scalable, efficient. Secret sauce is secret.

  • Waterbeds

    well i have a foundation who helps the street children . . i created that foundation last 2yrs ago all my friends help me to produce foods , extra tshirt etc. i hope we can change the world by that

  • Asian Handicap Betting

    My company, The Daily Deals Agency, has developed the first FB network of Daily Deal Marketplaces to help FB members find deals in their neighborhood without having to join daily deal email lists or leave FB.

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