See the Kinect camera in there? Front and rear cameras supply a live video feed of the car's surroundings, and the rear windshield can double as a projector screen for movies or games when the car is parked. (Microsoft photos)

Microsoft has been working for months with West Coast Customs, the legendary car remodeling company, to build what might just be the most over-the-top Windows machine ever created.

The car, dubbed “Project Detroit,” is a 2012 Mustang retrofitted with a 1967 Mustang fastback replica body that uses just about every Microsoft technology possible, including Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Xbox, Kinect, and even Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The project was first announced last September, and the finished car will be unveiled this Sunday night at 9 p.m. on Discovery’s Velocity Network.

Microsoft is giving a sneak peek of the car today. Microsoft’s Channel 9, the company’s site for software developers, has been spearheading the project as a demonstration of the potential of the company’s technologies, trying to get developers to think about building apps and automotive technologies.

In addition, Microsoft says it is planning to make the source code for the major components of the project available through its CodePlex site.

Some of the crazier features, via Microsoft:

  • Digital Instrument Cluster: The touch-screen instrument cluster can toggle between different dashboard skins including a 1967 Mustang, a 2012 Mustang and a Windows 8 Metro design style version.
  • Heads Up Display: A heads-up display in windshield contains displays information Bing Maps — plus the passenger can play Xbox on his or her side of the windshield without distracting the driver.
  • Entertainment System: The entertainment system comes with an Xbox 360 and a Kinect. When parked, the rear windshield can serve as a projector screen for playing movies or video games from behind the car.
  • External Audio: The audio system acts as a public address system so you can speak into your phone and have the audio played through the car’s external speakers. Using this system, the car also has customizable car horn “ringtones” that enable you to change what sound plays when the horn is honked.
  • Customizable Rear Windshield: While driving, the rear windshield can serve as a customizable display system that can play video, show images and display custom messages.
Live video feeds from the car's embedded Kinect cameras.
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  • Ian Walker


  • Guest

    Very cool! This shows the kind of amazing engineering one gets when one combines the productive energies of thousands of Microsofties.

  • Pieter

    Remember the USS Yorktown? Let’s hope they did not hook it up to the steering, brakes or engine…

  • Anshul Vishwakarma

    Let’s hope it doesn’t BSOD!

    • Guest

      Nah, the occasional BSoD screensaver in the rear window is what will keep any tailgaters at a very safe distance.

    • Guest

      Time for some new material. You’re about a half decade out of date.

    • Guest

      LOL! Blue Screen of Death would be bad.

  • Guest

    Total cost?
    Will it be auctioned off for charity of something after?
    Amount MS has made on automotive despite more than a decade of trying?

  • Assmanchuck

    Anyone notice that the mustang shown is not a 2012 Mustang, as mentioned?

    • RTFA!

      try reading the article next time. They tell you its a 2012 mustang, with a replica 1967 fastback body installed over the chassis.

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