Steven Sinofsky

The debut of Windows 8 next week will represent one of the biggest moments in the careers of Microsoft’s Windows team — a high-stakes and high-profile launch that will put years of their work and decision-making to the test.

But the pressure isn’t keeping the executive team from having a little fun, apparently.

First, the family-friendly content: Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft Windows president, marked the announcement of Surface preorders and pricing by showing off the durability of the new Microsoft tablet — strapping it to skateboard wheels and “taking it out for a spin” near a launch countdown clock in an atrium on the Microsoft campus.

Here are his tweets documenting the stunt.

Gotta love the helmet. “Safety first!” he explained.

And then there’s Windows exec Mike Angiulo. Stop right here if you’d rather avoid obscene rap lyrics.

TMZ broke this “story” yesterday, posting a video of the Microsoft exec with Too Short on stage at Angiulo’s birthday party, not missing a beat as he joined the rapper in the extraordinarily graphic “Two Bitches.” Here it is. You’ve been warned.

TMZ reports that Angiulo’s wife hired Too Short — Angiulo’s “hero” — to perform at the party for $25,000.

Hey, at least it was a lot less less than former Windows exec (now Amazon SVP) Brian Valentine plunked down for a fake Tom Petty — before getting the real Tom Petty to play at his wedding. You can catch up on that story here if you missed it the first time around.

These Windows guys, they know how to party, huh? Safety first!

[Updated to correct headline and location of Sinofsky’s Surface skate.]

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  • salty pete

    Really guys? TWO short?

    • Todd Bishop

      Yikes, that’s horrible. My mistake. Headline fixed. At least I got it right in the story, huh? I will hear no end of this, and deservedly so. Have at it, people.

  • Seattle Tech

    I am sure Microsoft is so proud of Angiulo…what a great way promote the brand. Even though this is on his private time, he should really think twice about such a stunt. Colorful language to go with the colorful Metro tiles.

  • Guest

    Guess Angiulo isn’t a team player. He chose a non-Microsoft song and performer when there’s a perfectly good one from Microsoft out there:

  • bingo

    Nothing sadder than old folks trying to appeal to youngsters. Could you imagine Jobs pulling a “stunt” like this? No? Well there’s a reason.

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