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We had fun working with the team at Killer Infographics on our recent infographic comparing Seattle Geeks vs. Silicon Valley Geeks, highlighting the idiosyncracies of each region.

Today VentureBeat points out that someone else has taken a more analytical approach to the comparison.

No, it’s not as entertaining as ours, but it does touch on some of the same themes through a number of interesting metrics, and it highlights the edge that the Seattle region has over Silicon Valley in some of those areas, particularly in terms of the cost of living and doing business.

Created by oBizMedia, it’s hosted (oddly enough) on the Seattle Nissan site. Here’s the full infographic …

Seattle the Next Silicon Valley

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  • Ronnie

    This one is lame compared to the original one you guys posted. obiz is not even in Seattle. how would they know anything about the city?

  • Anonymous

    They left out the all important comparison of “State Income Taxes”

  • Ronnie

    also they have a clear typo – average is not avearage…

  • Greg

    They didn’t proofread this thing very well before posting it – “avearage salary”?

  • MoonTango

    Fun graphic.  I can buy most of it.  But doesn’t it defy conventional wisdom to compare Seattle favorably to the Valley in the category of “local availability of capital to invest in innovative strartups”?  Bravo to Madrona and a couple of other firms in town… and there are some great angels here too.  But aren’t the streets in the Valley paved with term sheets?

  • Nathan

    Since Apple is building a new office at Austin,Tx., why not compare SV to Austin?.

  • Lisandro Paolini

    Hello Seattle!!  ARG, smell you later!!

  • Anonymous

    No coffee shoutout?

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