Eric Schmidt

The whole Microsoft-Yahoo search saga has always felt like a soap opera, starting with Microsoft’s failed bid to acquire Yahoo in 2008, and continuing to the present-day shakiness of their search partnership. And here’s another potential plot twist.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and former chief executive, reportedly said during an appearance in Japan overnight that Google “would love” to replace Microsoft as Yahoo’s search partner. Forbes contributor Eric Jackson does a nice job tracking this down after seeing a fleeting mention of Schmidt’s remarks on the Dow Jones wire early this morning.

The subplot here is former Googler Marissa Mayer’s new position as Yahoo CEO, and the potential inroads that creates. Microsoft has seen this type of thing play out before — in fact, it has done something similar in its Nokia partnership, spearheaded by Nokia CEO and former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop.

Under the terms of their search deal, Yahoo has a potential way out of the Microsoft partnership if it doesn’t live up to financial benchmarks. Danny Sullivan published an extensive analysis of this in July that’s worth a read for more details.

The other issue is the antitrust hurdle that Google would face. Google’s original plan to partner with Yahoo (before the Microsoft deal came together) fell apart in the face of the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust objections.

Since then, Yahoo’s market share has slipped substantially, but Google remains the king of the pile. Google would be taking a huge risk if it actively pursued Yahoo, reopening that can of worms … but at this point, nothing in this soap opera would qualify as a surprise.

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  • guest

    Stay or go, the partnership has been an abject failure. Ongoing (and seemingly unresolvable by MS) RPS issues aside, this was meant to be primarily about growing share. Yet Google has actually gained share since the MS/Yahoo partnership began. And Google is weeks away from being next to surpass MS on market cap as a result.

    Yahoo opting out would probably be a good thing for MS. It would force MS to admit this entire decade-plus search exercise, which has lost in excess of $8 billion directly and double that if you add on incidentals like aQuantive, has been a massive failure. With the PC market being disrupted and destroyed, MS is no longer in a position to subsidize that kind of stupidity. It never really was. But before it could just let its stock take the hit, and did.

  • Guest

    We’d prefer to see Microsoft continue to grow Bing on its own without being saddled with the obligation to share revenue with Yahoo!

    With Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire HD, and thousands of other new device classes (including PCs, of which 500 million will be sold this year) able to search with Bing out of the box, Microsoft will see her fortunes rise. We like this strategy.

    • guest

      Then prepare for disappointment. Because MS’s inept management considers it essential. Which is why they’ll probably end up sweetening an already saccharine deal further.

      Oh, and you might want to update your PC expectations for 2012. The latest forecasts now call for just 350M PCs this year. That would make only the second time in twenty years that PC growth has been negative. So much for MS’s contention that we’re in the PC-Plus era and not the Post-PC one.

      “Microsoft will see her fortunes rise”
      Uh-huh. The market appears to disagree with you. And they were predicting the failure of Ballmer’s strategies years before they became apparent.

      • Guest

        I apologise. Only 350,000,000 new Microsoft-equipped PCs will be sold this year, on top of the millions of smartphones, game consoles, and tablets that connect consumers and enterprises to the Microsoft ecosystem.

        Sorry for the error.

        • guest

          Again, no. 350M PCs total. Only a portion of those will ship with valid Windows licenses, particularly when the #1 PC market is now China where piracy is rampant. Actually hundreds of millions of phones and tablets will ship this year. Just not many with a MS OS on them.

  • Guest

    You know how they did the Mac/PC ads with personification of each?

    At this point, I think if they told the story of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft it would need to be done as a love triangle story in one of those really melodramatic Spanish-language telenovellas.

  • guest

    I used to like reading Sullivan. But lately he appears to be doing nothing more than carrying Google’s water for them.

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