Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph has been getting lots of attention lately for his “Smoked by Windows Phone” contests, in which he challenges iPhone and Android users to complete everyday tasks faster than he can on a Windows Phone.

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph

John and I experienced this first-hand on our recent GeekWire radio show and podcast, when Rudolph’s Windows Phone smoked both of us and our iPhones in an on-air version of the challenge.

Looks like Samsung likes the concept, too. The team behind the company’s giant Android-based Galaxy Note this week unveiled the Samsung “Street Challenge,” a somewhat less convincing take on the “phone vs. phone” genre, in which new Samsung Galaxy Note users compete against some (rather hapless) iPhone users on the streets of New York.

The videos from Samsung are landing the same week as Microsoft is debuting a new series of online ads based on Rudolph’s project.

For the record, Samsung makes Windows Phones, as well.

And for what it’s worth, the folks at Mashable contend that Samsung is copying their idea, too.

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  • Ted Marlow

    dont forget there is some samsung in ever iphone too

  • Philip Gould

    Immitation is the best form of flattery, no wonder Applr is suing Samsung lol

  • Scott White

    This is one of the most ridiculous pitches I’ve ever seen for a device.  Might as well convince my grandmother that a Blackberry is better than an Android or iPhone.

  • Wil Liam

    This is $h*t!!! How “fair” could the comparison be? Might as well compare balls with boobies… I mean… what the hell?????

  • WixosTrix

    Good old Samsung. They copied an idea but lost all the essense of what made it a great one. The #smokedbywindowsphone campaign is so great because it challenges people at tasks they likely already do pretty often, while showing them how they can be don faster and easier on Windows Phone. This is not a challenge, this is just pitting uncommon (minus the PowerPoint edit), specific tasks they know people aren’t going to be able to do. So lame Sammy

  • Yetter

    funny thing is that there are 1000’s of photo editing apps.  I can almost guarantee that her phone can do that, she just doesn’t know how

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