The Roku billboard at Second and Seneca in Seattle.

It has been just one week since Mitt Romney lost in his bid for president. And while the defeat is still fresh, the one-time GOP hopeful can still find solace in … TV.

At least that’s the message from Roku, the maker of streaming media devices.

The billboard for the company notes: “Cheer Up Mitt! More time to watch TV.”

The ad is a risky bet for the tech company. In Democratic-strongholds such as Seattle, it may resonate. But the message could be polarizing to nearly half of the population — the half that supported Romney.

The Huffington Post reports that Roku is spending $10 million on the nationwide campaign, dubbed “Keep Streaming America.” It is set to debut in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Seattle.

And just so you don’t think Roku has a political axe to grind. The company reportedly created two billboards — one in case Obama lost.

“We didn’t care who won the election,” Roku spokeswoman Ha Thai told The Hill. 

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  • Bill

    Kudos to Roku! This viral campaign has some serious legs. I think Mitt Romney should follow in the footsteps of such lovable losers as Bob Dole, Al Gore, and Strom Thurmond and leverage his newfound fame into some endorsement deals. I’d buy a Roku Mittbox. Wouldn’t you?

  • Andrew Kinzer

    That’s a great way to hop onto the post-election media wave. Awesomeness all around, nice find.

  • Keith Curtis

    I was a Romney supporter and I don’t find it upsetting. I have little hope the unemployment, energy prices, etc. will be any better in the next 4 years, so I’m also looking for things to cheer me up.

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